Scoreboard Options & Personalization

Customize your scoreboard to fit your needs. Use sponsor panels to increase sponsorship revenue. Dress up your scoreboard with colorful striping and channel letters. Provide the ultimate experience for your fans by choosing from a wide variety of Daktronics products to add to your scoreboard.

150+ Colors at No Extra Charge

Only from Daktronics

Regardless of the color, Daktronics offers high-quality, long-lasting display finishes designed to resist fading due to ultraviolet rays. All Daktronics scoreboard paints and primers are lead-free and chromate- free, which makes the paint safer for the environment. Paint colors may vary depending on the viewing screen. Contact your salesperson to verify correct colors.

Paint Color: Select one of these popular paint colors or pick from over 150+ colors at no charge.

Striping and Caption Color: Select one of these popular colors or choose from over 50 colors.

​Caption Styles​

Vinyl Captions

Scoreboards typically come with white captions stating HOME and GUEST. A popular low-cost upgrade is to change HOME to your school's team name.

Backlit Captions (Outdoor Only)

Backlighting highlights white vinyl letters for optimal nighttime visibility.

Electronic Captions

Change team names or all captions for tournaments or multi-sport use.

football scoring system with sponsor panels along top and bottom

Logo & Sponsor Panels


Personalize the Display

Daktronics logo and sponsor panels are digitally printed on flexible, waterproof vinyl or cut from solid colored vinyl. More than 700 pre-configured horizontal and vertical sizes are available to complement any type of display. Choose from numerous vibrant colors for your team logo or custom design.

Recognize Sponsors

Set the display apart with a backlit or non-backlit sponsor panel. Backlit panels are illuminated with LEDs for excellent night time viewing. The panels are encased in a durable aluminum cabinet and are mounted in the same fashion as other Daktronics displays.

Decorative Options

ID Panel

Top and Bottom Trusses

St Pius High School

ID Panels

Highlight your team, school or main sponsor with an ID panel on above or below your scoreboard.



Personalize your scoreboard with colorful striping. Choose from more than 50 colors to coordinate with your school's colors.


Channel Letters

Choose from backlit or nonbacklit channel letters to highlight your team or school name.



Choose from more than 15 styles of accents made of durable, weatherproof materials.

Domes   |   Clocks    |   Outdoor Truss   |   Indoor Trusses and Piping

Other Options

Protective Screens

Daktronics has protective screens to protect your scoreboard, timer and statistic displays from damage. They do not hinder visibility or reduce the LED intensity.

Solar Power

If your facility is ready to go green or if electrical power just isn't practical, consider using solar power. It is available for many of our smaller scoreboard models as well as many custom designs.

Radio Control

Run your scoreboard without signal junction boxes. Eliminate extra wiring and save money on installation costs. Radio control is available with the All Sport 1600 and All Sport 5000 series consoles.


person designing a scoreboard system on a tablet

Design Your Dream Scoring System

Choose a scoreboard size, enter your school colors and name, add a video board, and accessorize! Use our scoreboard configurator to develop a personalized scoring system and request a quote for your creation.

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Daktronics numeric scoreboards, video scoreboards and timing systems are fully customizable and can be integrated into any facility, from small parks to major league venues.

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