Basketball Stanchion Display


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In addition to our standard 20 colors, Daktronics can match any Pantone color upon request.

ColorSmart LEDs

Our ColorSmart® digits respond to the changing events during your game. Show which team is ahead and whether the game clock is stopped, running or under one minute by changing colors between red, amber and green.

Vinyl Captions

Scoreboards come standard with white HOME and GUEST captions. A popular, low-cost upgrade replaces HOME with your school name.

Standard captions are vinyl, applied to the display face or a reversible caption panel.

Backlit Captions

Nighttime viewing is no longer a hassle. Backlit captions in white vinyl lettering improve readability for viewers.

Team Name Message Centers

Easily add or change names of home and guest teams on your scoreboard. This option is perfect for tournaments and multi-school facilities.

Electronic Captions

The versatility of a scoreboard increases when you choose full electronic captions. This enables you to quickly change to different sports.

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The accent text styles shown are our most popular, but your sales team can help you explore more design options, including logos and additional text.

Add Sponsor Panel

Recognize sponsors. Work with your sales person to finalize details.

Add to the fan experience with replays, animations, player profiles, and upcoming events. Sponsor revenue generated via video displays can often pay for your scoring system. Different sizes and resolutions available.

* Option not shown on illustration.

Price doesn't include video display which will substantially impact MSRP.

Add Audio System*

Achieve superior sound quality for music and announcements, overcome crowd noise with a single-point sound system, identify your school or sponsors on printable mesh.

* Option is not shown on illustration.

Price doesn't include video display which may substantially impact MSRP.

All Sport 5000

The industry's most trusted controller. In critical gameplay, nothing beats our physical start/stop switch for accurate timing. The All Sport's versatility lets you score all major sports, control stat panels, timers, and shot clocks.

DAK Score App

Control simple scoreboards using your own mobile device with a Bluetooth connection. Easily control the scoreboard clock, scores, and some basic stats. Great for practice timing as well. Not recommended for scoreboards with video, stat panels, or complex scoring situations.

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About This Product


Daktronics SDN Indoor Stanchion Displays maximize advertising space by introducing LED signage right next to the game action. With this technology, you can give prime exposure to your sponsors right beside the goal and shot clock, guaranteeing increased attention to ads. Our product uses the outstanding brightness and detailed image reproduction of premium 3-in-1 SMD (surface-mount device) LED technology to ensure your sponsors' brand is shown with pristine image quality to the entire audience.
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Sport Scored: Basketball
Digit Sizes:
Dimensions (H x W x D): 1' 2" x 3' 5.2" x 9" (0.36m x 1.05m x 0.23m)
Control: Show Control System
Caption Options:
Digit Colors:
Digit Technology:
Construction: Cabinet Construction: Steel and Aluminum (corrosion resistant)
Cabinet Color: Black



​​​​​Unique Advertising Opportunities

An​​​ NCAA rule change gives schools a new way to generate sponsorship revenue by adding LED signs to their basketball stanchions.

Stanchion displays have proved to be a popular advertising medium due to the camera shots on television and spectator views. Stanchion displays offered by Daktronics integrate easily into existing display networks.

"For those schools getting new center-hungs, it's been an automatic add-on as part of their purchase. It's becoming more standardized than just a secondary piece," said Charley Bocklet, Daktronics' regional sales manager for the Mid-Atlantic and New England.

Wondering what it would cost to add a stanchion display to your arena?


Additional Product Information

  • ​Line/Column Spacing: 6 mm
  • Matrix Size (HxW): 48 pixels x 144 pixels per face
  • Calibration: Full depth, LED to LED
  • Calibrated Intensity: 1600 nits (cd/m2)
  • LED Refresh Rate: 4,800 Hz
  • LED Lifetime: 100,000 hours
  • Viewing Angle: 170° horizontal, +60°/-80° vertical
  • Temperature Rating: -40° to 95° Fahrenheit (-40° to 35° Celsius)
  • Graphic Capability: Animations, advertisements, logos & text (no live video)
  • Communication: Fiber Optic (50/125 μm multi-mode)
  • Display Power: 66 Watts avg., 264 Watts max.
  • Display Weight: 50 lb (23 kg)
  • Processing: 22 bit (distributed)
  • Color Capacity: 16 bit (281 trillion colors)
  • Dimming: 256 levels
  • Service Access: Top​