Game-In-Progress Information Devices

Live streaming has become a hot topic for schools in recent years. One of the most essential pieces of streaming is displaying the live scoreboard data in an appealing and effective way. Daktronics offers a couple solutions to make this step as easy as possible:

Live Score Bug

The Live Score Bug is a controller that adds a robust, professional-looking overlay to your live stream. With customizable features, you can add your own flare with team colors and logos, as well as advertising your sponsors. The game-in-progress data updates automatically when connected to any All Sport console, keeping your audience in the loop through the entire game.

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All Sport CG

The All Sport Character Generator is a simpler, data-driven solution used to transfer serial data to other interfacing streaming software. This is a great solution for adding an overlay of game-in-progress data to film for your team to review. This device automatically transfers live data to a camera feed when connected to an All Sport 3000, 5000, or 5500 console, but it can also be operated manually when necessary, such as at an away game.

Features & Benefits 

The All Sport CG and Live Score Bug takes scoring and timing information from the All Sport controller and combines it with a video feed before going to a recording device or computer. The result is a permanent on-screen scoreboard that automatically updates during the game.


  • Compact and easy to transport
  • Simple to connect and easy to operate
  • Time and situation info displayed throughout the game
  • Affordable and available for multiple sports
  • Efficient and effective evaluation of game film

Compatible Systems

The Live Score Bug works with Daktronics All Sport 5000 scoring console or All Sport Pro software.

The All Sport CG works with Daktronics All Sport 3000All Sport 5000, and All Sport 5500 wired and wireless scoreboard controllers.

The latest All Sport CG outputs to High Definition (HD) video. The previous Standard Definition (SD) only version has been discontinued. Refer to the Discontinued Products page.

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