Basketball Scoreboards and Timing Systems

Trusted by high school basketball teams and professional leagues alike

As fall turns into winter, basketball fans everywhere pull out their favorite spirit wear and face paint to support their local high school and major league teams alike. Complete the game-day experience with a Daktronics scoring system.

LED Basketball Scoreboards

What makes a Daktronics scoreboard different?

  • Increase performance with Tuff Sport® scoreboards able to withstand impact from sports balls
  • More than 150 standard paint colors
  • Choose digit colors from red, amber, mixed red and amber, or white

ScoreboardWall Mounted Scoreboards

Showcase game and time information on either side of your facility's gym. Add on player statistic and sponsor panels.

Single-sided Basketball Scoreboards

Video ScoreboardVideo Scoreboards

Showcase player stats and headshots and advertise upcoming games, events and announcements.

Basketball Video Scoreboards

Centerhung basketball scoreboard

Centerhung Scoreboards

Enhance your scoring system by combining a scoreboard with a video display that can be seen from all angles.

Four-sided Basketball Scoreboards

portable scoreboard for indoor sports

Portable Basketball Scoreboards

Show basic game and time information with the ability to move your scoreboard from gym to gym or to a different facility.

Portable Basketball Scoreboards

LED Video Displays

Show live video, replays, and player profiles, enhance media classes by having students produce content, and generate maximum sponsor revenue with more advertising possibilities. LED video displays can be custom built to fit any size or shape venue.

Indoor Sports Video Displays

Small Additions Make a Big Impact

Create a complete basketball scoring system with products that count down the time left such as shot clocks and timers or enhance the look of your game with LED light strips that line the backboard and illuminate when the game clock ticks down to zero.

Game clock, shot clock, and side panel stat display installation photo

Shot Clocks

Count down every second of shot time or display the game time.

Shot Clocks

Static scoreboard with two stat side panels

Stats Displays

Track every player's individual stats on the court for each team.

Stats Displays

Game or shot clock display installation photo


Display game time or a countdown of the shot time for each play.


LED shot clock lightstrips on backboard Installation Photo

Light Strips and Indicators

Light up the backboard with highly visible LED strips at the end of a period.

Light Strips / Indicators

Indoor Basketball Sound Systems

Achieve superior sound quality for music and announcements, overcome crowd noise with a single-point sound system, identify your school or sponsors on printable mesh.

Basketball Sound Systems

What makes Daktronics the best value in the industry?

Reliable Products

Ongoing research and development, with unmatched technical expertise

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Local Service

81% of all service calls are within 60 miles of a Daktronics representative

Easy to Use

Straightforward operation, so people of any skill level can run the scoreboard

Training & Resources

Comprehensive training and online tutorials and FAQs for display operation

Content Packages

Free standard media kit, plus a variety of animation packages available for purchase. Just shop, click, download, and use. 

Funding Options

Daktronics Sports Marketing

Take advantage of our Sports Marketing team to cover your monthly payment through sponsorship revenue. When your equipment is fully paid off, additional revenue goes back into your athletic program to cover other needs.

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Leasing to own is a flexible annual payment option. Choose a schedule that works for you and own your product after paying it off. Payments don't begin until after your system is fully installed and operational.

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Local Purchasing Co-ops

Save time and money in the buying process through your state's purchasing co-op. Skip the bidding process with a Daktronics-approved bid and know you're getting a quality product for the right price.

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One of our local experts will advise you on the best products for your facility, all at no cost to you.