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Galaxy GS6 Series Message Displays

Exceptional graphics, high contrast and best resolution in the industry.

GS6 Series High Resolution and Contrast Graphics

Stand Out from the Advertising Clutter

High resolution + high contrast = great-looking graphics:

  • More pixels for tightest 16 mm in the industry: 15.85 mm
  • Blackest background, module ribbing, and louvers make graphics pop
  • Other line spacing options: 19.8 mm and 26.4 mm
GS6 Series Cabinet Depth

Sleek Cabinet Design

GS6 Series offers two options:

  • A sleek, 5" deep cabinet for displays up to 7'
  • 1.5" side borders on the face of the display
  • For larger sectional projects, an angled bezel border that makes the cabinet appear narrower

Convenient Display Management

Control Your Display Anywhere, Anytime, From Any Device

Galaxy GS6 displays pair with our new control solution – Venus® Control Suite. This software combines functionality with a great user experience.

Learn more about Venus Control Suite 

Lifetime Cellular Communication

Daktronics offers you a secure, comprehensive 4G Verizon lifetime data cellular solution, as a reliable communication method between your Galaxy® LED sign and Venus® Control Suite software.

Dependable by Design

Cost Efficient

Designed to be Efficient

  • Just the right brightness level with a high-contrast surface
  • Efficient LEDs demand less energy
  • Louvers and ribbing in the module face maximize LED efficiency
Message Readability Message Readability 

Designed for Lasting Performance

  • Completely sealed components keeping Mother Nature out
  • Signal redundancy ensuring your messages keep running
Product Reliability 

Tested for Reliability

  • Testing throughout development ensures a dependable final product
  • Tested to its limits in our state-of-the-art reliability lab

Simple Installation and Service

Quick Install

No matter how large the display, its features help make first-time fire ups successful:

  • Quick connections offer plug-and-play capability
  • External junction box for easy power connection
  • Mounting clips on the display back provide several easy ways to install the display
  • Front ventilation simplifies installation
  • No space for airflow is required on any side of the cabinet when shrouding

Easy Service

If your sign ever needs maintenance or service, technicians can access the components through the single-step module removal.

GS6 Install and Service

Which option is right for your location?

A display's millimeter affects your content's clarity at certain distances. For close-up viewing, a smaller millimeter works better than a larger millimeter. Choose full color or monochrome, depending on how you want to use your display. For graphics that look more true to life, a full-color display is best.

GS6 Series 15.85 mm Message Display

15.85 mm Full-Color LED Sign

Choose this option if high-res, full-color, highly-detailed graphics and crisp text are important to you, with a viewing distance of 37'.

View 15.85 mm Full-Color 

19.8 mm Message Display

19.8 mm Full-Color LED Sign

This model offers detailed graphics and highly-readable text in full color, seen from around 45'.

View 19.8 mm Full-Color 

26.4 mm Full-Color LED Sign

This option is for effective graphics and readable text in full color, best viewed from 59' or more.

View 26.4 mm Full-Color 

15.85 mm Message Display

15.85 mm Monochrome LED Sign

Choose this high-resolution option if you're interested in text messages and detailed graphics in monochrome shades of red or amber with a minimum viewing distance of 37'.

View 15.85 mm Monochrome 

19.8 mm Monochrome LED Sign

This option is for people interested in mostly text messages with some graphics in monochrome shades of red or amber seen from around 45'.

View 19.8 mm Monochrome 

26.4 mm Message Display

26.4 mm Monochrome LED Sign

Interested in mostly text messages with a minimum of graphics shown in monochrome shades of red or amber seen from 59' or more? This model is for you.

View 26.4 mm Monochrome 

Looking for higher resolution?

The GT6 10.16 mm SMD LED display reaches walk-up traffic with attention-grabbing clarity.

View GT6 10.16 mm Full-Color

Series Technical Specifications

Estimated LED Lifetime: 100,000+ hours
Contrast Enhancement: Non-reflective black louvers and module face grooves disperse light
Message Capability: Text, graphics, logos, basic animation, video clips, multiple font styles, and sizes
Control Software: Venus Control Suite
Power: 120/240 VAC single phase
Display Dimming: 64 levels (automatic, scheduled or manual control)
Communication Options: Ethernet Fiber Optic, Ethernet Bridge Radio, Remote Cellular, Ethernet CAT5
Operating Temperature: -40°F to 120°F with 99% RH non-condensing
Compliance Information: UL and cUL Listed, UL-Energy Verified, FCC compliance
Warranty Coverage: 5 Years
Product Support: Parts support for 10 years
GS6 Brochure

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Why are the Galaxy GS6 and Venus Control Suite software the most exciting, leading products on the market today? Discover why GS6 content looks so great and why cloud-based control gives operators a wonderful user experience.

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