Climate Testing ChamberClimate Testing Chamber
EMC Test ChamberEMC Test Chamber
Highly Accelerated Life Testing ChamberHighly Accelerated Life Testing Chamber

​Product Reliability Lab

Daktronics Products Tested Tough for You

Take a step into the Product Reliability Lab where certified technicians test Daktronics products to ensure their quality, durability and performance. Since 2009, comprehensive testing systems done in the lab continue to provide much needed data to our engineers. We test Daktronics products more rigorously than any other manufacturer. In fact, some of our lab test equipment is similar to that used by the automobile and aerospace industries.




Power Supply Water Test-Gold Series vs Industry Standard2:12Power Supply Water Test-Gold Series vs Industry StandardOur clients expect robust, reliable LED products that outlast challenging weather conditions. We deliver this high caliber of reliability in all our product lines, including our latest Gold Series worldwide offering. Watch what happens when we compare this product's power supply performance vs the industry standard in conditions of light rain, heavy rain and flooding.GP0|#848badf6-b373-4afa-babb-d72b2897810e;L0|#0848badf6-b373-4afa-babb-d72b2897810e|Educational;GTSet|#b00afce0-dd3c-4a67-bb20-dab50a3dc30b
Freeform Element Arctic Thaw Test1:01Freeform Element Arctic Thaw TestTo show how our Freeform LED Elements meet your environmental challenges, we froze our IP-67 rated LED Linear Element in 5 inches of ice and then melted it in 104°F heat in our Product Reliability Lab's Climate Chamber.GP0|#848badf6-b373-4afa-babb-d72b2897810e;L0|#0848badf6-b373-4afa-babb-d72b2897810e|Educational;GTSet|#b00afce0-dd3c-4a67-bb20-dab50a3dc30b
Product Reliability Lab1:40Product Reliability LabAs part of a continuing tradition of excellence in communications technology, Daktronics opened a state-of-the-art product reliability laboratory that uses the latest advancements in environmental technology to test the limits of every Daktronics product, providing valuable feedback during the product development life cycle.​GP0|#848badf6-b373-4afa-babb-d72b2897810e;L0|#0848badf6-b373-4afa-babb-d72b2897810e|Educational;GTSet|#b00afce0-dd3c-4a67-bb20-dab50a3dc30b

Environmental Simulator

Environmental Simulator

Before product release, Daktronics puts products through a variety of stress tests. Our lab technicians place entire video boards through a massive 4,500 cubic foot environmental chamber (Solar Thermal Simulation Area: 22' L x 11' H), in order to simulate extreme climate conditions, such as:

  • Blistering Heat (74° C, 165° F)
  • Freezing Cold (-34° C, -29° F)
  • Humidity (15% to 90% RH)

Temperature/Humidity Chamber

The Temperature/Humidity Chamber simulates worse-case environments to test component sensitivity towards humidity, corrosion and electrical property changes. This assures that product components are as tough as their displays, by undergoing:

  • Chamber Transitions (5° C/min, 9° F/min)
  • Humidity Testing (10% RH to 98% RH)
Thermal Shock Chamber

Thermal Shock Chamber

Thermal Shock Chamber

This chamber ensures product durability by conducting unpowered thermal shock testing. In less than five seconds, products are transferred between hot and cold compartments.


HALT Chamber

Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT)

To determine product functioning limits, the HALT chamber combines environmental variables, such as temperature shock and vibration, to stress products to the point of failure.

Spray Test Chamber

Spray Test Chamber

To test how well enclosures protect components, this chamber drenches display parts with high-pressure water jets to assure performance against moisture.

Salt Fog Chamber

Salt Fog Chamber

To gauge a component's capacity to withstand the corrosive effects of salty coastal air, this chamber punishes Daktronics products with a 5% salt solution at a sweltering 35° C (95° F).

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Keeping Your Cell Signal Clear

With the boom of cell signal demand, electromagnetic interference from large format LED displays can be a real challenge for outdoor applications if your display isn't tested properly. Download our white paper to learn more about how cell signal can be affected by large digital displays and how Daktronics designs and tests our anti-interference solution.

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