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IPTV Solutions

Connect with fans at every turn.

When the lights come up for game time there's enough on your mind. As a live event production team, the last thing you want to hassle with is your IPTV network. Your digital media network provides every fan with a unique experience that complements the action on the field – not to mention the sponsors paying for the exposure. Your system better work, be simple to configure and be maintenance free.

Daktronics IPTV2 is a cost-effective solution for distributing and controlling audiovisual entertainment throughout the venue. It's an ideal alternative to extending or replacing traditional RF / coax in-house display networks.

Our flexible solution efficiently acquires, prepares and distributes HD media and digital content over standard Ethernet networks while also providing control to every display in the system from a browser-based software console. Built-in resiliency features maximize uptime and makes swapping out end-point components effortless.

Revamp Dull Space with Live Digital Media

Stadiums, arenas and parks use IPTV systems to entertain fans through an LCD network with custom content channels that show live video, advertisements, highlight reels and other digital entertainment. It's no easy task updating your facility to meet fan expectations set by consumer technology. IPTV empowers you to revamp dull, empty space with live digital media.

Concessions Digital Menu

Designed for efficient operation by small teams.

Streamlined integration with Show Control software allows you to control each end point individually or in groups - all from one user interface.

Concessions Digital Menu

Entertain fans at each step through your venue.

Whether you have 10 displays or 1000s of displays, you can centrally administer, control and monitor your system with up to 99 unique channels.

Concessions Digital Menu

Integration with digital retail/concession technology.

You can dynamically manage the display of food and beverage pricing and availability with our solution's point of sale (POS) integration.

Handle Your Business

Using widely available and cost-effective IT components already installed in most modern venues, our IPTV solution offers a secure method to deliver synced digital content to any area venue-wide, from concourses to concessions and retail stores.

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Partnering with us gives you access to our team of experts who help you get the most out of your IPTV solution.

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Contact one company for easy communication about installation, training and support.

Join a Community

Participate in annual user group events to learn about industry trends in IPTV and other fan engagement technology.

How can you use IPTV?

Suite Exclusive Access

Grant Exclusive Access to Team Content

Provide premium fans with a truly differentiated experience through exclusive content delivered to their own personal IPTV channel. Generate 3D player shot charts, in-house video broadcast and live video of any location in your facility.

Team Retail Shop

Concessions and Retail Engagement

Dynamic digital content in concessions and team retail generates more spending per visitor, decreases perceived wait times and increases fan enjoyment. Digital menus with IPTV show promotional video and live action right alongside the concession menu.

Informing Game Scores

Keep Fans Connected and Informed

Connect to news wires, databases and scoring data to show up-to-the-minute scores, stats, news and social media on any IPTV channel. Invite fans back by rotating schedules for upcoming games, concert dates and other special events.

Download the Case Study

The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers were looking to control their LCD network with the same easy-to-use Show Control system as their LED displays. Learn more about how they improved their fan experience by expanding Show Control venue-wide.

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Key features with the Daktronics system are the seamless integration of data into presentations, and its ability to truly tie the LED and LCD technologies together as a single super system that provides an amazing fan experience and more value for corporate partners.Claude DelormeExecitive Vice President Ballpark DevelopmentMiami Marlins
Our fans are treated to a new entertainment experience with these video, technology and audio upgrades. We are pleased to be working with Daktronics in bringing the newest integrated display system technology and the highest quality video to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.Chuck GreenbergManaging Partner and CEOTexas Rangers
We appreciate their expertise during the procurement, installation and commissioning of the system. Our operations staff appreciates the features and usability of Show Control. It is providing significantly better operational efficiency for our game day staff.Greg CarrolanFacilities Technical DirectorSAP Center

Videos of IPTV in Action




KFC Yum! Center Overview2:09KFC Yum! Center OverviewAn overview of the Daktronics displays in the KFCYum! Center in Louisville, Kentucky.GP0|#deba4475-bde5-4e23-b7ac-77516fa320be;L0|#0deba4475-bde5-4e23-b7ac-77516fa320be|Installed Products;GTSet|#b00afce0-dd3c-4a67-bb20-dab50a3dc30b

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