Vanguard® VF-2420 Masked Face DMS

Big capabilities in a slim cabinet.

LED technology protected with a polycarbonate shield under an aluminum mask for improved contrast and maximum protection. The display's vertically-hinged doors open and safely lock into position to provide easy access to all internal components. The full-featured Vanguard VF-2420 Series allows many options regarding color, matrix type and viewing angle.

Features and Benefits

  • Maximizes legibility with an aluminum and polycarbonate masked face
  • Provides a safe working environment with lock-open side-swinging doors
  • Simplifies maintenance with lightweight, easily-accessed components
  • Provides diagnostics including real-time pixel and power supply statuses
  • Stays cool and dry with a positive-pressure, forced-air ventilation system
  • Meets industry standards: NTCIP, NEMA TS 4, AASHTO, UL and NEC
  • Suits any site with a controller mounted in the DMS or in a road-side cabinet
  • Fits any ITS application with a wide variety of models, including 66mm in amber or 20mm full-color


Lane Closed

VF-2420 66mm Amber or 20mm Full-color


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Software and Controllers

The feature-rich Vanguard Central Control Software (optional) makes remote operation simple. Together, they provide continuously tested, NTCIP-compliant control to Daktronics DMS. Auxiliary Control Panel (optional) and DMS Equipment Cabinet (optional) are also available.

Learn more about DMS Controllers and Vanguard® v4 Control Software.

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