Freeform​ LED Elements

Revive your facility with a creative digital show using LED elements.

Lighting Accents

Highlight structures with LED elements for a dramatic effect. Add colorful accents to video displays, marquees, scoring systems and more.

Transparent Displays

Maintain outdoor viewing from inside a venue while putting on a dazzling video show outside with GKD MediaMesh®. Cover windows, walkways and other building structures with colorful video effects.

Audio Facade

Cover any size audio system with acoustically-transparent and visually pleasing LED video. Generate more revenue with advertising and sponsor messaging by optimizing additional digital space.

Video Sculptures

Build dynamic 3D displays or wrap entire structures with video elements. Create a one-of-a-kind display by exploring an endless variety of shapes and sizes.

Logo Displays

Animate logos with Freeform LED Elements. Create a variety of letters, shapes, icons and scripts.








How Are Freeform LEDs Being Used?

Colorwashing Effects

Showing Animations

Playing Video

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