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We integrate creative LED video into dynamic environments, partnering with some of the world's most cutting-edge architects, designers, engineers and consultants along the way. Whatever the project or challenge, leverage our unmatched experience and reliable technology.

We Design the Technology, You Design the Experience

We know your ability to generate revenue relies on projects operating smoothly while minimizing unexpected expenses or delays. We deliver what you expect when you order, down to the finest detail.

  • We're a collaborative resource during the project scoping process
  • We provide accurate information
  • Our staff has a wide range of skills unique to the LED display industry
  • Extensive knowledge and experience from one company
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Experts in Experiential Design

Today's public environment are embracing the power and flexibility of LED more than ever. Venues that use direct-view LED displays in their spaces are connecting people in innovative ways, creating buzz and creating sustainable revenues.

  • Architectural accents and unique shapes
  • Transparent features
  • Mosaic canvases
  • Dynamic content
  • Environmental content
  • Green spaces
  • Forced perspective content
  • Interactive and engagement content

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We take pride in the systems we create and we know that when you see them in person or even virtually, you'll love them too.

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Why do Architects Choose Daktronics?

Founded in 1968 as a USA-based manufacturing​ company, Daktronics has grown into the world leader​ in audio-visual systems.

Unmatched Experience

From simple walls, corners and curves to never-been-done-before designs, our team will take your vision and make it a reality. We deliver on what you expect with your design. We want you to have a good experience during the design phase and you can trust you're specifying a product that the client will be satisfied with.

The Only Limitation is your Imagination

We offer a wide breadth of product to fit many different applications. (outdoor, indoor, sports, commercial, corporate, etc). We also serve as an extension of your team in the project scoping and design process. You get access to our experienced engineering department to assist with scoping out the client’s vision.



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We were looking to develop the next big 'WOW' feature for the Quantum Class and after initiating concepts with ABB and Robotic Arts, it became apparent that selecting the best display solution would be a critical element.Christopher VlassopulosSuperintendent of SLVR and Architectural LightingRoyal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises
A robotic visual screen had never been implemented on a ship, so there were concerns about technical viability, long-term reliability and quality. We were pleased to meet Daktronics, whose engineering and US facility resources partnered in RoboScreen’s success.Christopher VlassopulosSuperintendent of SLVR and Architectural LightingRoyal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises
The rebranded Lits building’s new LED Spectacular is inventive, blending the past and future of this historic building in an extraordinary way. The unique technology will transform this building into an icon of architectural and digital media harmony.Andew MeltonPresidentA2eMEDIA
Fashion Show's new LED displays are an immense and unique digital canvas. Multiple screens, curved surfaces and colossal scale require a whole new visual language. Fashion Show's new plaza has transformed the experience for all visitors to the Las Vegas strip.Phil LengerPresident and Chief Creative OfficerShow+Tell

Earn AIA Credits

Through active involvement in the AIA/CES program, we enjoy extending our LED display knowledge to architects and design firms with lunch n' learn presentations.

Video Display Technologies Overview

Learn about video display technology trends, digital display network systems and discover new display applications.

LED Media Display Basics

Gain an understanding of common LED terminology and learn what factors to consider when choosing the appropriate product for your application.

Video Controllers

Learn more about control systems for electronic displays and networks, as well as the architecture of video controllers.

Suspension System Arena Scoreboards

See the benefits of hoist systems, their specifications and ranges of hoist sizes and scoreboard loads.

Freeform Video Elements

Find out what freeform video technology is, the applications for which its best suited and learn about product features and benefits.

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