​Outdoor LED Ribbon Board Displays

Daktronics outdoor LED ribbon board displays are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of stadiums and other outdoor venues. Whether displaying advertisements, animations, promotions, scores or statistics, Daktronics ribbon board line provide a bright, uniform image that ignites the game-day experience.

Its ultra-slim, customizable display design accommodates curved and 360° installations, ensuring a versatile product perfect for end zones, sidelines, outfields, concourses, or stadium exteriors. Define a start and stop point or seamlessly encircle the entire stadium for a truly immersive experience. 

Designed for Flexibility

New Installation or Retrofit

We know one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why our fascia product line consists of various options to either fit into existing architecture or start a new build. Our patented ProRail® attachment system eliminates the need for concrete fascia, saving on construction costs and reducing weight requirements. Also, our fascia product line offers different pixel pitches and module sizes to ensure your display hits the desired resolution and fits within the architecture of your facility.

Clean Sightlines

The spectator view in stadiums is a crucial element to each venue’s design, balancing the importance of game-time viewing with cost and structural considerations. Our fascia displays are designed to be tastefully incorporated into the architecture of any stadium, ensuring that the display doesn’t require additional building design or impact the viewing experience of the audience in the seats behind the display.


  • Countless content options— live scores and statistics, team branding, advertisements, promotions, crowd prompts, and more.
  • Slim, lightweight design protects fan sightlines and enhances the overall look of the stadium.
  • Convenient top-access option enables servicing on the fly and eliminates the expense and hassle of lifts.
  • High-contrast design delivers deeper black using contrast-enhancing louvers and module etchings.
  • Weather-sealed modules provide 360º of weather defense with sealed modules and connections.
  • Adaptive cabinet mounting eliminates display seams.


  • Increase advertising space
  • Complement main video displays
  • Enhance the fan experience
  • Integrate data for stat-rich content
  • Display game-in-progress information

RTX module rendering

Available Pixel Pitches

Line-and-column spacing is the distance between pixel centers on a display, which impacts clarity and intensity at certain viewing distances. Click a pixel pitch to see installations in our project gallery.


6SMD   |   8SMD   |   10SMD   |   15SMD   |   13HD   |   15HD   |   16MT

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