Communicate Effectively on Your Campus

With Digital Signs that Make You Stop and Stare

Digital signs are revolutionizing communication on school campuses. From daily updates to event schedules to real-time information during emergency situations, one sign can share all necessary information without becoming cluttered like traditional bulletin boards.

The flexible nature of digital technology allows you to update messages at a moment’s notice, whether you have one display or a hundred. A network of signs across campus makes announcements impossible to ignore while creating a cohesive environment.

graphic showing school interior with various applications of digital displays

Build a Network of Signage

Provide a seamless experience for students, staff, and visitors from the entryway, through the halls, and into the gymnasium. Whether its sharing crucial information or celebrating student achievements, digital signage puts your message where everyone will see it.

Remember, Venus Control Suite software enables you to control all your signs from one device. This means you could update all signs at once or choose certain displays for certain content.

Centerhung scoreboard and videoboard in a gymnasium

Centerhung Scoring

Put the game infromation and exciting video graphics where everyone in the gym can see them. A centerhung installation creates an exciting game-day atmosphere in any facility.

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Traditional scoreboard paired with a videoboard in a gymnasium

End Wall Scoring

Use indoor video to create a better fan experience while generating revenue from sponsors with both static and digital ads. Additionally, indoor video can transform a gymnasium into a classroom to teach students video and event production.

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LCD video wall in high traffic student hallway

Video Wall

Place a video wall in a busy hallway to share important announcements and messages with students and staff. Replacing your bulletin board with a digital sign offers more engaging content without the clutter.

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Video wall behind stage in auditorium


A video wall behind the stage in your auditorium can open the door to opprtunities for your performing arts programs, guest speakers, and school functions.

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LCD menu boards showing concessoins options

Concessions and Cafeteria

Digital menu boards make it easy to update your concessions options and pricing or advertise the lunch menu in the cafeteria.

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Video display in school entrance

Informational Displays and Directories

A video board in gathering spaces of your school is the perfect space for sharing PSAs, student and staff spotlights, and day-to-day reminders.

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LED street furiture outside school entrance

Street Furniture

Digital street furniture outside your school is a great place to reach people as they come and go fro your campus. Promote upcoming events, your school website or socials, or display live data feeds to show the time and temperature.

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interactive touch screen in school hallway

Donor Wall and Hall of Fame

Whether its donor wall or a hall of fame, digital signage is the perfect way to draw attention and honor the people who have contributed to the success of your school.

Try a touch screen kiosk for an engaging, interactive experiene!

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large LED display on overhang at school's event center

Entrance Displays

An LED sign over the entrance of your school sets an exciting tone for visitors before they even enter the building. Use this display to welcome guests and advertise events.

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LED sign built into a school's marque

Marquee Displays

Digital marquee signs reach the entire communtiy as they drive by your school - maing this display the perfect platform for sharing upcoming events, school announcements and time and temperature information.

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Easy Control and Content Creation

With Daktronics cloud-based Venus Control Suite software, you can control both indoor and outdoor signage with one device and update content almost instantly. Design your own graphics with a simple drag-and-dop process and choose which displays you want to show which messages.

Make Sure Your Message is Heard

Keeping your student body, staff, and community up to date with event schedules, daily announcements, and school news can be adaunting task. Maybe you send emails, post online, and update your website, but a digital sign right in front of your school is something your audience can’t ignore. Whether they are dropping off their kids or just driving by, LED signs engage viewers.

Outdoor LED Displays

Administrators use outdoor LED displays to:

  • Welcome students and visitors
  • Promote events and programs campus-wide
  • Recognize academic and athletic achievements
  • Show time, temperature, weather forecasts and other public service announcements
  • Connect with community
  • Improve campus safety

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Indoor Signage

Indoor LED displays can be used on campus to:

  • Show live news, weather and other television broadcasts
  • Guide students and visitors
  • Promote events and programs campus-wide
  • Recognize academic and athletic achievements
  • Show public service announcements
  • Connect with your campus community

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Recommended products for your campus communication:

Professional Content Templates for your Display

FrameWrx by Daktronics is a content design platform that enables anyone, anywhere to leverage professionally designed templates on their video display. 

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Bring Digital Technology into the Classroom

Schools that have video boards in their gyms or digital signs on campus can use the technology as an educational tool for their students through DakClassroom, which bundles together our Event Production Curriculum, Show Control – Education Edition, and Crew Connect.

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