Higher Education

Students are the heart of higher learning institutions, and today’s 21st century learner can be connected to the campus through digital screens in many public spaces. Engaging content and a unified, informative messaging system creates an innovative, modern campus that enhances collaboration among staff, students and visitors. 

Design a Venue

Becoming a Digital School

There are so many advantages to going digital. You can change messages quickly to respond to immediate concerns, emergency situations or just changes during the day. Develop a schedule so specific messages show at certain times, and even control messaging schoolwide, or across the school district.

Fieldhouse Video Board

Recreational Displays

Keep exercisers entertained throughout their workout with a mix of personal LCD screens on exercise machines and a big screen capable of inputting multiple sources, from sports to news to cultural and lifestyle programs and more.

Basketball Scoreboard

Game Scoring

We offer several solutions for scoring and timing systems to fit any gymnasium, stadium, or fieldhouse. Our boards are tailored to each sport and are fully customizable.

Educational LCD Screen

Educational Displays

Establish your department as a pioneer in education and research with state-of-the-art equipment. A digital sign is a versatile communication tool that can modernize the learning experience. Quickly visualize data and information, or host video conferences with guest speakers.

Street Side Marquee

Street Signage

LED marquees are excellent communication tools. Reach your student body, staff, and whole community with announcements, school spirit, and other general messaging.

Welcome Center

Welcome Center

Welcome students and visitors with an LED or LCD video wall. Build a community on campus by communicating ways to get involved and advertise events or other PSAs. A welcome display creates a prestigious, yet friendly feel in your facility.

School Entrance

Building Identification and Message Centers

Nothing draws attention to your facility like a video board or message center at the entrance. Promote upcoming events, public service messages, campus communication messages and more where all visitors and passersby will see.

Athletic Hallway Video Wall

Alumni Center/Donor Wall

Engage visitors by highlighting university history, stories about notable alumni, and showcasing the vision for the future. Go beyond a simple static placard and highlight donors in vivid color with vibrant, dynamic imagery to truly show your appreciation for their contributions.

Auditorium Video Display

Auditorium/Performing Arts

Centerstage LED screens provide a dynamic digital medium with crisp, bright image quality to visualize the presentation for lectures, conference speakers and other academic presentations. Auxiliary displays targeting audience members sitting further away from the stage ensure everyone can see the show like they’re in the front row.

Main Hallway LCD Screen

Museum and Art Gallery

Inform visitors about hours of operation, upcoming events or exhibits, student work highlights and information about the facility. Engage visitors right when they enter the building with a multimedia presentation of a message from the featured artist, a short clip introducing the exhibit or an extension of the space with any digital content imaginable.

High School Campus Street Furniture


Engage with students walking to and from class by communicating upcoming events and activities. Guide new students or visitors to their destinations on campus. Our street furniture is built to withstand weather and attempts of vandalism.

Chances Are, Our Street Furniture Won't Break

Digital Menu Displays

Cafeteria or Commons

Highlight menu options with dynamic, real-time updates to highlight items of the day or special promotions. Cafeterias are also a great place to reach students with news on school events and updates.

Gym Ribbon Display

Ribbon Displays

Ribbon displays are the perfect way to hype up both your team and audience. They add prestige and excitement to your facility, while doubling as a great advertising tool.

Outdoor SkyWalk Display


Connect with students, share history of the campus and communicate about ongoing activities. Show educational content and highlight learning opportunities around campus. Showcase student work and highlight student and faculty accomplishments.

Academic Room LCD Screen


Creating technology-equipped teaching spaces and engage students with vivid image quality and crisp detail, from large classrooms to small. With our all-in-one Smart LED display, you get the simplicity of direct HDMI input coupled with the crisp, seamless image quality and vibrant colors of direct-view LED technology.


We offer a broad range of integrated solutions to meet your needs for digital displays throughout your campus.

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