Digital Displays for Restaurant & QSRs

Enhance Your Brand and Boost Sales

Impulse buying accounts for nearly 40% of restaurant sales. The flexibility of digital signage, combined with an easy-to-use cloud-based software, make it the most dynamic, cost-effective advertising medium available to the food and beverage industry.

Make Your Ads Impossible to Ignore

You can use many marketing mediums to drive sales, but the most effective mediums communicate with your customers on-site. Digital signage is the one form of advertising that can’t be turned off, unfollowed, or skipped over.

Use indoor and outdoor LCD and LED signs to:

  • Increase sales by promoting specific menu items
  • Trigger impulse buys with mouth-watering graphics
  • Build familiarity with your brand
  • Connect with the front-door audience
  • Promote your social media accounts
  • Sell more of excess inventory
  • Run holiday sales and promotions
  • Promote menu items at different meal times
  • Increase customer traffic
  • Improve your restaurant’s curb appeal

Calculate Your Potential ROI

Reimagine Your Business with Digital

Learn how to put digital displays to work for you – making the right impression at just the right time. Attract attention with LED and LCD displays, inside and outside. See how your business can improve the customer experience, influence their decisions, and enhance your brand.

Here are some of the other discoveries in store for you:

  • Why digital signs beat static every time
  • How to improve the customer experience at every step of the journey
  • How digital can amplify every advertising dollar
  • How to easily control content across an entire digital network

Reimagine Your Business

Digital Sign Program for National Brands

Consistent Branding and Signage for All Your Locations

Create a cohesive customer experience in all your stores with signage that reflects your brand and shows the right promotions at the right time. Enjoy the ease of operation that comes with our Venus Control Suite software, which allows you to control outdoor and indoor displays across all locations from one device. Partnering with Daktronics allows you to add to your signage network at a pace that makes sense for your company.

Learn More About Our National Brand Program

Reach Your Customers Where They Are

Digital displays are a great fit for all types of restaurants – QSRs, fast casual and fine dining can all use digital displays to make customer’s meal decisions quicker and easier, while improving their experience at your location.

Outdoor LED signs catch the eye of everyone passing by, influencing the decision to choose your restaurant. Digital signage at key points of the customer journey help your employees be more efficient and allows them to focus on serving your customers.

  • Enhance your brand
  • Influence customer decisions
  • Amplify advertising campaigns
  • Elevate customer experiences in your store

Drive Thru Displays

Provide a consistent digital experience outside by replacing static menu boards; using pictures and graphics at your drive-thru to increase basket size and order efficiency.

  Learn More about Menu Boards

Employee Communications

Displays located in strategic spaces can become a hub for sharing timely, up to date information to your employees.

  All-in-One Smart LED Display Brochure

  Learn More about Smart LED Displays

  Watch the Smart LED Display Video

Menu Boards

Show menu items, promote specials, and increase average basket size with digital menu boards. Easily update for each day-part, unlike static menus.

  Learn More about Menu Boards

Indoor Dining Area

Provide entertainment in your dining areas by showing branded content or live-streamed events on a video wall.

  All-in-One Smart LED Display Brochure

  Learn More about Video Walls

  Watch the Smart LED Display Video

Bar and Dining Areas

Provide entertainment in your dining areas by showing branded content or live-streamed events on a video wall.

  All-in-One Smart LED Display Brochure

  Learn More about Video Walls

  Watch the Smart LED Display Video

LED Marquee Signs

Using LED signs with dayparted content brings customers into your facility and increases awareness of lesser-known products, resulting in increased sales.

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Entrance Displays

LED displays at the entrance create an attractive storefront to communicate advertising information and communicate brand messages. In this space, customers also use our street furniture displays.

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  Learn More about Digital Street Furniture

Indoor Waiting Area

Give customers a welcoming experience with digital signage. This is an ideal location to show content about your brand, its history and how it supports the local community.

  Learn More about Informational and Directories

Window Displays

Take advantage of high-traffic locations with digital signage promoting limited time offers in your windows.

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Influence Customers with Digital Menu Boards

Influence customer choices with indoor and outdoor digital menu boards and feature boards.

Not only does digital signage trigger impulse buys as customers decide what to order, but it also communicates your menu more effectively than cluttered, traditional signage.

View Our Digital Menu Boards

Elevate the Customer Experience

The environment in your restaurant can make or break the customer experience. Keep them entertained with video, ads, and TV while they wait for their meal and eat. Digital technology creates an exciting and memorable atmosphere in your entry and dining spaces. 

View Video Walls

Content Made Easy

Daktronics makes creating and posting content to your display easy. Create content on your own using Venus Control Suite or choose from the many packages available on our website.

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Content examples for digital signs in restaurants

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