LED Displays For Restaurant & QSRs

Increase Profits with Digital Displays

Impulse buying accounts for nearly 40% of the restaurant business. The capabilities of a LED sign combined with ease of programming make it the most dynamic, cost-effective advertising medium available to the food and beverage industry.

How can you use LED displays?

  • Increase sales by showing menu items that customers didn't already have in mind
  • Trigger impulse buys with mouth-watering graphics running on your display
  • Amp up the customer experience and build familiarity with your brand
  • Easily and quickly connect with the front-door audience
  • Connect with social media
  • Promote excess inventory
  • Run holiday sales and promotions
  • Promote menu items at different meal times
  • Increase customer traffic
  • Improve your restaurant’s curb appeal

Drive Impulse Buys with Digital Menu Boards

Indoor Digital Networks

Enhance your customers' experience with digital menu boards and feature boards, as well as video walls. Change your menu and messaging throughout the day or promote special features and events.

Digital signage stimulates impulse sales, moves high-margin items, advertises new products, and offers discounts. You're free to concentrate on your business while we provide an indoor solution engaging your customers at every touchpoint.

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Free Content for Restaurants

Show great-looking graphics with free content created by professional digital artists - hundreds of templates with logo backgrounds of your most popular items in addition to free backgrounds in our standard media kit. Just shop, click, download, and use.


Calculate your digital signage potential ROI.

Whether you're looking to add to your current marketing mix or exploring alternative solutions, digital displays provide cutting-edge technology for cost-efficient advertising. Enter your information to see how much ROI you might expect by using an electronic message center.

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