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The sign has definitely boosted sales. Terri Webster ownerDairy Queen #18953
But we’ve noticed that the less-advertised items . . . really pick up when we have them on the sign. Terri Webster ownerDairy Queen #18953
After 23 years of business, we were seeing recent growth at a rate of 3%. But last year, our increase in sales was 12%. We think we can attribute 9% of that to the new sign. Our 2008 sales are still growing at more than 12% over 2007!David TvedteOwnerGoodies Handmade Candies
You can't advertise on a normal reader board. I expected to see good sales, but I did not expect the sales to go up this much, and they continue to every day.John ChristiansonOwnerTaco Johns Litchfield
We have a live bait cooler in store that previously generated $500 a month. By adding a 'Live Bait' advertisement, sales have increased to $2,000 a month. The display makes it easy to target specific customers throughout the day and change up ads in an instant.Jeff LinnVice President/Convenience StoresThe Linn Company
Since the install, we have seen a number of sale increases on a variety of different products. After our display upgrade we saw a 13% increase in sales!Randy BushOwnerDairy Queen Niceville, FL