Digital Displays for Car Washes

Clean, first impressions go a long way.

You made a significant investment to get the ideal location for your car wash – why not capitalize on it? Digital signage is the one advertising medium that cannot be turned off, fast-forwarded or ignored. With most consumers choosing to wash their car on impulse, it’s important your digital signage presents the reason they should pick your facility. With 85% of consumers saying digital signage influences their future buying decisions, there's no better way to attract attention and revenue.

Use digital signage to:

  • Promote your wash specials
  • Highlight your add-on services and other differentiators
  • Advertising gift cards or unlimited car wash options
  • Educate public on environmental benefits of car washes
  • Share hours of operation
  • Showcase time and temperature
  • Provide a menu of car washes for consumers to choose from
  • Entertain and promote to captive audience in waiting rooms

Amplify Your Advertising

The four "P's" of marketing are Product, Price, Place and Promotion. It's important to invest in each of these elements to ensure your businesses' long-term success.

Digital signage is a marketing tool that hits each of the "P's" and can amplify other advertising efforts – your rewards program, mobile app promotions, car wash specials, etc.

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Drive Impulse Buying

Car washes are a method people use to “treat” themselves – making it a luxury item they splurge on when the moment is right. Whether it be indoors or out, digital signage is the solution to drive impulse buying and differentiate your offerings from other nearby establishments.

Persuade Motorists It's Time for a Clean Car

Upsell Services with Digital Menu Boards

LCD Digital Networks

Use a digital menu board to highlight the advantages of each service offered, provide pricing options and suggest add-on services. Digital signage also provides opportunities to upsell as customers exit the bay. Highlight services offered after the wash – detailing, washing mats, vacuums, car fresheners, drying towels or even dog washes.

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Calculate your digital signage potential ROI.

Whether you're looking to add to your current marketing mix or exploring alternative solutions, digital displays provide cutting-edge technology for cost-efficient advertising. Enter your information to see how much ROI you might expect by using an electronic message center.

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