LED Displays for Auto Dealers

How can a digital display sell more vehicles?

  • Promote leasing options
  • Target specific demographics
  • Advertise existing demographics
  • Promote community announcements
  • Build brand and customer recognition
  • Display your dealership's website
  • Advertise congratulatory shout-outs to new vehicle buyers
  • Showcase high-quality images or vehicles or manufacture's videos clips

How are they cost effective?

  • Own and control this 24/7 advertising medium
  • Most cost-effective media compared to radio, TV and newspapers
  • Re-directed marketing funding or leasing can finance the display

Why install one now?

  • Cash from the government - you may be eligible for capital expenses tax benefits
  • Position yourself for success as the economy begins to pick up and people are ready to spend money
  • Choose a leasing option with affordable monthly payments and enjoy immediate use of your display

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Indoor signage stimulates impulse sales, moves high-margin items, advertises new products, and offers discounts. You're free to concentrate on your business while we provide an indoor solution engaging your customers at every touchpoint.

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