​​GKD MediaMesh®

Impressive Flexibility

MediaMesh can turn any building facade into a dynamic communications medium while not concealing the architecture behind it. Mount it over a solid facade or in front of windows knowing that the finished solution is free from visible cabling and delivers a clean, semi-transparent viewing experience for those within the building. The stainless steel, textile-like mesh provides a modern, urban feel while the thin-profile design – less than one inch deep – provides an elegant, refined structural appearance.

Mediamesh Product Image


Impressive Flexibility:
MediaMesh is woven in a manner that allows thin, horizontal Daktronics LED profiles to be placed at custom vertical intervals within the mesh. This makes it possible to balance transparency and display resolution on a project-to-project basis.

Exceptional Image Quality:
This MediaMesh electronics is up to 60 percent brighter than previous versions. Additionally, the product boasts an exceptionally deep color palette (1.07 billion colors) and superior motion reproduction (3,800 Hertz scan speed).

Unequalled Potential:
Through our control system, MediaMesh owners can schedule the presentation of graphics, animations, video clips and even real-time data feeds (news, stocks, scores and statistics). Live video is also possible with the addition of a Daktronics image processor.

Complete Integration:
Many groups have multiple Daktronics display systems both inside and outside their buildings. We are the only company with the experience and technology to tie all these displays together into a single, unified communication and entertainment system. From a single control system, users can manage and control all the displays across their property – or properties.

Day & Night Time Viewing:
The brighter the better during the daytime, however, overly bright displays in the evening and overnight hours can quickly attract the attention of local code enforcement officials. Daktronics offers a photocell option that measures ambient lighting conditions and adjusts display brightness automatically. Display brightness can also be controlled via scheduled or manual adjustments.

Markets Using This Product:

GKD MediaMesh® Specifications

Line-and-Column Spacing: 50 mm
Pixel Configuration: 2R, 2G, 2B LED
Lifetime (.5 brightness): 75,000 hours
Pixel Intensity: 8,600 mits (@ 40 pixels transparency)
Horizontal Viewing Angle: 110° (+/-55° off center)
Vertical Viewing Angle: 50° (+25° off center)
Image Processing: 22-bit

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