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Gold Series Video Displays

Simplified Design, Streamlined Delivery In Our Most Cost-Effective LED Video Display Yet

The Gold Series video display wraps all the incredible features people expect from Daktronics into a brand new design, creating our highest performing cost-effective product yet.  An outdoor video display in its purest form, this new generation means even more customers across the globe can showcase our world-renowned quality and performance at their locations.​

Stunning visual quality in any location
with superior color-blending even at wide viewing angles.

​Broad color depth that reproduces a wide range of rich colors. 

Cutting-edge Green technology saves energy by consuming less power than the industry standard solution, which reduces utility costs.

​A thin, lightweight system design grants simplified delivery and installation.​

Proprietary gel coating method protects critical components in these weather-ready displays.

Long-term​ image refinement
Through pixel​-level field calibration.

Products Available

  • 10 mm SMD available worldwide.
  • 6 mm SMD and 16 mm through-hole available in select markets.




Power Supply Water Test-Gold Series vs Industry Standard2:12Power Supply Water Test-Gold Series vs Industry StandardOur clients expect robust, reliable LED products that outlast challenging weather conditions. We deliver this high caliber of reliability in all our product lines, including our latest Gold Series worldwide offering. Watch what happens when we compare this product's power supply performance vs the industry standard in conditions of light rain, heavy rain and flooding.GP0|#848badf6-b373-4afa-babb-d72b2897810e;L0|#0848badf6-b373-4afa-babb-d72b2897810e|Educational;GTSet|#b00afce0-dd3c-4a67-bb20-dab50a3dc30b


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