Entertainment Venues

Efficient and Effective at Reaching Potential Customers

How do you make your facility stand out in today’s entertainment market? With so many entertainment choices and advertising messages, how will you communicate the value and excitement of your events? Incorporate digital display technology as part of your overall marketing mix. No other medium offers the impact and visibility of a large electronic display.

How can you use LED displays?

  • Provide information at entrance signs, ticket booths and information centers
  • Increase awareness of events and upcoming attractions
  • Advertise exhibit and show listings, ratings, dates and times
  • Promote specials, gift cards, group ticket information and merchandise sales
  • Show sponsor messages and promotional content in high traffic areas
  • Relay public service information, such as time and temperature, weather forecasts and news headlines

Amusement and Theme Parks

Programmable display technology can increase attendance and revenues by providing greater visibility to advertisements and flexibility to time-sensitive messages while reducing operating costs compared to previous technologies.

Primary applications for digital LED displays:

  • Entrance signs
  • Ticket booths
  • Park information centers
  • Merchandise sales areas
  • Entertainment exhibits and shows


LED displays offer the ability to update movie information quickly and easily, promote theater specials, and show video clips.

Purposes of digital displays:

  • Update film listings, ratings and show times
  • Promote specials and gift cards
  • Advertise group ticket information
  • Highlight upcoming attractions
  • Run snap shots from movie trailers

Fairs and Expos

Digital message displays increase visibility and exposure to events and venues all year long, while maintaining low power and operating costs.

Potential uses of digital signage:

  • Advertising promotional content in high traffic areas
  • Showing sponsor messages, which can increase the value of corporate sponsorship packages
  • Relaying public service information, such as time and temperature, weather forecasts, and news headlines

Performing Arts Centers

LED displays allow for flexibility and control of dazzlingly colorful advertising messages, using a fraction of the power when compared to old incandescent lamp displays, which drives revenues upward.

Benefits of digital technology:

  • Advertise performance dates and times
  • Increase awareness of events


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Learn how to put digital displays to work for you – making the right impression at just the right time. Attract attention with LED and LCD displays, inside and outside. See how your business can improve the customer experience, influence their decisions, and enhance your brand.

Here are some of the other discoveries in store for you:

  • Why digital signs beat static every time
  • How to improve the customer experience at every step of the journey
  • How digital can amplify every advertising dollar
  • How to easily control content across an entire digital network

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