Retrofit Digits

Daktronics tote board retrofit digits offer ultra-bright LEDs that are visible even in direct sunlight. These drop-in digits feature wide viewing angles for high visibility and will accommodate a wide variety of tote board configurations.


Single Drop-In Digit

Model: Single Digit

Digit Size: H=1'-5" W=0'-13" D=0'-1"

Construction: Aluminum

Double Drop-In Digit

Model: Double Digit

Digit Size: H=1'-5" W=2'-6" D=0'-1"

Construction: Aluminum


Color Section

Color Options

Daktronics offers over 150 scoreboard colors at no additional charge. All scoreboard paints and primers are chromate-free, which makes all of the waste paint non-hazardous and safe for the environment.

Boarder striping

Border Striping

Add striping to a scoreboard to coordinated with your organization's colors. Choose from more than 50 colors.

Caption Color

Caption Color

Select colored captions for the scoreboard to match the striping and/or organization's colors. Outlined captions are available for an additional fee.

PanaView Digit Technology

PanaView Digit Technology

Daktronics PanaView digits are robust and strong, especially designed for Daktronics Tuff Sport scoreboards. They offer every money-saving advantage of LED technology and provide an outstanding viewing angle that outshines incandescent lamps and previous LED technologies.

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Standard decorative accents allow racetracks to create more aesthetically appealing displays or tailor a display to complement the facility’s ambience.

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Message Display

Message Displays

Available in a wide array of matrix sizes and pixel pitches, Galaxy® displays prove truly versatile. Implemented into a tote board, Galaxy® displays advertise for commercial sponsors, inform patrons of odds, race times and track conditions and entertain with graphics and animations.

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Video Display

Video Displays

To create the ultimate racing environment, Daktronics video displays use 4.4 trillion colors to deliver racing coverage, ranging from tote board information, race results and advertisements to live video and instant-replays.

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