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From youth sports to professional leagues, everyone finds value in Daktronics scoring systems. That’s because no matter what you pick, your scoreboard will be reliable, easy to use and adaptable. You can choose the simplest digital scoreboard, the most versatile, professional-looking video display or anything in between.

Are you looking for one main scoreboard or an entire system of displays?

Smaller facilities typically use standard scoring, while collegiate and professional-level stadiums use integrated systems.

Standard Scoring Displays

Traditional scoreboards cover all the necessary game information, and video boards create opportunities for students to gain hands on experience with live event production through DakClassroom. The following questions will help you determine which size and display type is most suitable for your stadium:

Integrated System

Large facilities with capacities over 10,000 typically feature integrated systems of scoring and advertising video displays. Explore the various applications of digital technology commonly found throughout outdoor stadiums.

Outdoor Stadium

Give your fans the full game-day experience with an integrated system.

In the sports industry, venues continue to look for digital opportunities that can be used for multiple applications within their facilities to enhance the fan experience and provide a return on investment. Find out how you can incorporate LED displays into your integrated system by clicking the pins on the image to see more information about each display.

Main Video Display Installation Photo

Main Video

Venues are installing larger and larger main video displays as they continue to become the center of attention for replays of game action. With more space available, the possibilities for showing content become endless from live video to stats and game information to prime opportunities for sponsors and advertising.

Auxiliary Video Display Installation Photo

Auxiliary Video

Auxiliary displays cater to the additional wants and needs of fans by giving them statistics, up-to-date league-wide scoring information and more. These displays complement the main displays, providing complete system integration for an overall venue-wide experience, including the opportunity for additional sponsorship messaging and moments of exclusivity.

Ribbon Display Installation Photo

Ribbon Display

Daktronics outdoor LED ribbon displays are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of stadiums and other outdoor venues.

Field-level Display Installation Photo

Field-level Displays

Outdoor LED fence displays bring crowd prompts, stats, advertisements and video clips to any outfield fence using a full-color, impact-resistant screen. Pitch-level displays are modular advertising and entertainment systems that incorporate excellent brightness and visibility for fans and television viewers.

Vomitory Display Installation Photo

Vomitory Display

Whether displaying advertisements, animations, promotions, scores or statistics, Daktronics line of LED displays provide a bright, uniform image that ignites the game-day experience.

Billboard Installation Photo


Draw your fans into the arena and engage with them as they drive to your venue with Daktronics LED billboard displays. Strategically place these billboards along major roadways near your arena for maximum effectiveness.

Entertainment Areas Installation Photo

Entertainment Areas

Entertaining your fans doesn't start when the game starts. It truly begins hours before the game when fans arrive at the arena and lasts hours after the game ends. Use Daktronics displays in prime entertainment areas around the outside of your arena as a destination to get them energized and excited for the upcoming event.

Parking Installation Photo


Daktronics LED parking displays integrate seamlessly with existing networks and architecture and provide vibrant, legible text and graphics for efficient traffic control.

Marquee Installation Photo


Create an immediate connection with your fans as they pull up to the stadium with Daktronics marquee displays. Team branded content provides a feeling of belonging while informing of today’s game and entertainment as well as promoting other upcoming events.

Ticket Window Displays Installation Photo

Ticket Window Displays

Use Daktronics LED displays for your ticket window and queue areas to help manage crowds and advertise upcoming events at your facility. Use them for game-day wayfinding and to help patrons identify ticket lines. Easy-to-use ticket window displays can even be integrated with the other Daktronics displays within your facility.

Street Furniture Installation Photo

Street Furniture

Daktronics Digital Street Furniture displays position digital advertising and timely information at eye level, where they are most likely to influence consumers traveling through public spaces. Keep visitors up-to-date on event start times while providing an additional point of fan engagement at your venue.

Concessions Installation Photo


Here is where the sports bar experience meets modern technology. Concession stands can use dynamic HD content with real-time advertising data to draw attention to special offers and ultimately increase sales, not to mention keeping fans up-to-date with the main event while away from their seats.

Club Display Installation Photo

Club/Suite Displays

Club and suite displays create a unique and exciting environment for visitors to watch the game in high resolution. Fans can celebrate with the crowd in the stands when game prompts are synchronized to show throughout the arena while also keeping people in touch with other games happening around the league.

Lobby Display Installation Photo


Large welcome displays create a great opportunity to immerse your fans in team pride immediately as they walk in the door. Inspiring team imagery shown in vivid color energizes fans for the game and makes them feel proud to support the home team.

Press Display Installation Photo

Press Conference Displays

A growing sports broadcast trend is using LED displays as press backdrops instead of static canvas. LED is the preferred option because it looks great in front of TV cameras with superb color, resolution and clarity, and sponsors' content changes seamlessly with the click of a button.

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