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Vanguard® VF-2360 Variable Message Signs

Reliable Operation. Safe Maintenance.

The VF-2360 is an EN12966 compliant Variable Message Sign (VMS) engineered by the worldwide leader of high quality LED dynamic signage. Designed for a wide variety of transportation applications, this modular design provides superior uptime and high reliability while providing vital information to every passing traveler.

Features and Benefits

  • Daktronics creates your display solution using a team of industry and technology experts to ensure the product delivered is tailored to your expectations.
  • Developed specifically for the global transportation market, it provides a flexible, reliable and serviceable solution.
  • Using the highest quality LEDs available, the Vanguard displays provide quick message recognition with crisp, vibrant full-colour graphic aided messages.
  • IP67 sealed components provide long lasting protection against the elements.
  • Redundant signal path ensures the failure of one module will not affect others, maximizing message comprehension and display uptime.
  • Variable display sizes to meet your needs, ranging from 1x1 meter to 6x30 meters.
  • Variety of mounting options allows for attachment to any structure.
  • Manage up to 8 signs from one controller for convenient operation.
VF-2360 Rendering

Model Specifications

EN12966 Compliant:Both amber and full-color DMS compliant with EN12966
Pixel Pitch:16 mm or 20 mm
Operating Temperature:-34°C to +74°C
( -30°F to +165°F )
Viewing Cone:B6
Contrast Ratio:R3
Humidity Range:0 to 99%, non-condensing
Power Requirements:240 VAC, single-phase (3-wire plus ground)
Communication Options:Cellular, fiber, direct Ethernet and Serial

Consistent with Daktronics continuous program, all products features are subject to change without notice.

Software And Controllers

The feature-rich Vanguard Central Control Software (optional) makes remote operation simple. Together, they provide continuously tested, NTCIP-compliant control to Daktronics VMS. Auxiliary Control Panel (optional) and VMS Equipment Cabinet (optional) are also available.

Learn more about VMS Controllers and Vanguard® v4 Control Software.

Vanguard V4 software screen shots

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