GoServicePro Training

Learn the basics of GoServicePro, the application used by Daktronics Field Service to manage Work Orders and parts.

Training Documents

   United States & Canada

GoServicePro - Work Order and Part Transaction Training Video

Part Disposition (Part Transactions) Completed by Tech

GoServicePro - Change Password

GoServicePro - Return Unused Parts

GoServicePro - Install a Part

GoServicePro - Adding and Viewing an Attachment

GoServicePro - Close a Work Order

GoServicePro - Locate Parts Shipment Information

GoServicePro - Remove a Part

GoServicePro - FAQs for Service Partners

GoServicePro - How to Prepare for a Work Order

GoServicePro - Receive a Part to Truck

GoServicePro - Receiving Replenishment Parts into Truck Inventory

GoServicePro - View Notes

GoServicePro Mobile - Closing a Work Order

GoServicePro Mobile - Frequently Asked Questions

GoServicePro Mobile - Log Note

Part Transactions

Service Partner System Requirements

GoServicePro - Training Video Playlist

GoServicePro - Update a Serial Number When Removing a Part

GoServicePro - Status and Resolution Codes for Work Order Closure

GoServicePro - Log Lunch

GoServicePro - Log In

GoServicePro - Block a Schedule

GoServicePro - Assignment Notification

GoServicePro - Move Parts

Order Identification

GoServicePro Mobile - Troubleshooting Tree

GoServicePro Update Details - 18 January 2017

GoServicePro - Log Timestamps

GoServicePro - Locate and Navigate Work Orders

GoServicePro Mobile - Log Timestamps and Lunch

GoServicePro Mobile - Check In and Out

GoServicePro Mobile - Switching Back to a Device

GoServicePro - Resolution Codes

GoServicePro - Terminology

GoServicePro - WO Detail Summary

GoServicePro Mobile - Troubleshooting Guide

GoServicePro Mobile - Using the App

GoServicePro Mobile - Log In

GoServicePro Mobile - Installation and Setup for iOS Devices

GoServicePro Mobile - Installation and Setup for Android Devices

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   Outside the US & Canada

GoServicePro Training Videos

GoServicePro Training Videos are now available to Service Partners as training courses on the Daktronics Learning Center. Use your GoServicePro User Name and Learning Center password to log in.