50% of sales come from signage

and nearly 40% is from impulse buying - make it count!

Schedule advertisements of different items at certain times of day to reach the customer base that is most likely to buy on impulse.

Dairy Queen Goes Digital

Draw in More Customers with LED Reader Boards

You own and control your own advertising medium, decide what to say and when to say it. High resolution, unbeatable contrast and targeted messaging increases customer traffic while improving curb appeal.

Daktronics is the 2021 DQ Equipment Vendor of the Year!

We are committed to helping fantastic DQ® franchise owners in the U.S. attract more fans, and we are so appreciative of the honor American Dairy Queen Corporation (ADQ) bestowed on the Daktronics team. Read more about our relationship with ADQ and how they named us as the 2021 DQ® Equipment Vendor of the Year.

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We hope to see you at DQ Connect to share how Daktronics has been helping DQ stores boost their sales and improve their marketing strategies for years! Read the stories below for a sneak peak.

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Powerful and Versatile Communication

DQ Content 1

Digital signage at your store is a powerful tool to influence customers' decisions as they are poised to place their order. Read how a digital sign is paying for itself from one Dairy Queen owner.

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DQ Content 3

The owner of 10 Dairy Queens in West Virginia counts on his LED displays to bring customers through the door, day after day. Hear what he has to say about the impact of digital signage and his plans for the future.

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DQ Content 2

The versatility of an LED display enables you to pivot your message at a moment's notice. Listen to how a Dairy Queen owner evolved his content strategy through the year 2020.

Watch the Content Evolution

DQ Content 4

Want to learn how a digital sign impacts sales and impulse buying? Read about how the Dairy Queen in Madison, SD, uses its sign for branding and advertising.

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Consider This

Boost your sales and on-premise advertising with a digital display.

  • Share specials and promotions they can't pass up.
  • Display life-like images for quicker recognition than text alone.
  • Daypart content to pull drivers in during lunch or on their way home.
  • Switch up your content and messaging from any device, wherever you are.

Calculate your digital signage potential ROI.

Whether you're looking to add to your current marketing mix or exploring alternative solutions, digital displays provide cutting-edge technology for cost-efficient advertising. Enter your information to see how much ROI you might expect by using an electronic message center.

Gross Annual Sales $
Gross Profit Margin
Annual Projected Lift
Initial Cost of Investment $

Bad Weather? No Problem.

Your employees will no longer endure bad weather to change your display. Venus Control Suite display control software enables you to create, schedule and update dynamic text and graphics anytime, anywhere, from any device.

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What are DQ owners saying about Daktronics?

Digital Reader Board Package

Our state-of-the-art, energy-efficient LED technology features exceptional graphics, high contrast and the tightest resolution.

Choose one of the Dairy Queen-approved full-color display options:

Pixel Pitch Lines and Columns Physical Size Viewing Distance Character Height
10 mm 108 x 216 4'2" x 7'6" 21' 2"
15.85 mm 60 x 125 3'8" x 6'9" 37' 4.4"
19.8 mm 48 x 100 3'8" x 6'9" 45' 5.5"


Learn About Galaxy Displays

In addition to the industry's best LED sign, you get...

Dairy Queen Promotional Content

Receive free access to Dairy Queen corporate-approved messaging that follows Dairy Queen's promotional calendar when you purchase a display.

Installation & One-Year Parts and Labor Service Plan

Our installation services ensure your reader boards are installed properly while guaranteeing you receive parts coverage for one year.

Sign Code Analysis

We offer a no-obligation, free sign code analysis through our sign legislation department – they oversee the sign permit process.

Content So Good You Could Take a Bite Out of It

Showing creative and engaging content entices customers to turn in and order more.

Download Free Content

Daktronics partners with Dairy Queen’s corporate team to provide fresh content to you every quarter. This content follows the Dairy Queen promotional calendar, showcasing specials and menu items with eye-catching graphics and animations.

If You Use Venus Control Suite:

Accessing content just got easier! You can now find your Dairy Queen content right in your Venus Control Suite Media Library. Simply schedule it to your playlist. Use this guide to help you get started.

Download the Content Access Guide

If You Use Venus 1500:

You can still find the most up-to-date content on the DQ Hub. Just download it from there and add it to your Venus 1500 Media to schedule it to run on your display.

Access the DQ Hub

Create Your Own Content: Design Guidelines

You can also design your own content to promote new menu items, communicate hours of operation and more. Get started with the following guidelines:

Use Bold Colors

Use Easy-to-Read Fonts

Add Pricing when Possible

Display Time & Temp Frequently to Get Noticed

New Dairy Queen Building Blocks - COMING SOON!

How do I purchase a Daktronics LED display?

Submit the form and we'll contact you to talk about your project. We'll also help to evaluate your location, budget, and needs to recommend the sign best for you.