Ferry and Cruise Ship Terminals

Serve organized arrival and departure information for buses, trains or ships. These displays can be installed on platforms, behind counters or in large, public areas keep travelers informed at even the busiest times.

Daktronics tests these displays to resist precipitation, salt fog, extreme temperatures and vigorous cleaning methods. With full-color capability and wide viewing angles, these displays effectively communicate messages while generating valuable advertisements.

Key Functions

  • Manage vehicle congestion
  • Inform patrons of loading statuses, departures and destinations
  • Increase shipyard productivity

Design Considerations

  • Available in a variety of active matrix designs
  • Integrates with third-party software
  • Viewable from a wide angle in large public areas
  • Legible with a high-resolution matrix
  • Durable to withstand salt fog and moisture

Recommended Products

Galaxy® AF-6700

Flexibility and performance in a sleek, industrial-strength design

Outdoor Full-Color and Monochrome 6 mm and 8 mm


Galaxy® GS6

A durable display available in a variety of standard matrix sizes

Outdoor Full-Color and Monochrome 15.85 mm, 19.8 mm, and 26.4

Galaxy GS6

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