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Have you considered LED signage as an advertising medium for your business? Let us show you what this powerful technology can do for you. We'd like to offer you a free, hour-long demo where we come to you and discuss all the ins and outs – how traffic and permitting at your location will influence where the LED sign should be installed, what kind of content will work best and how an LED sign can benefit your business. If you have any questions, we'd be more than happy to answer them.

When you install a digital display, you own and control your very own advertising medium. 50% of sales come from reaching your front-door audience with signage.

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A demo unit with two pixel pitches serves customers the best. It’s like buying a TV or a car—you want to compare the options. The more info I can give them upfront, the less likely they are to go to the competitor. With two boards, they see what they could have for more money, but they may also realize they don’t need as tight a pitch as they thought. It’s nice to get the higher dollar sales, but in the end, I rather have happy customers.Dave AlbrechtAlbrecht Sign Company
The demo reassured the customer that the 16 mm would meet their needs—it showed them exactly what they’d be getting.Taylor BlanchettBlanchett Neon
It gave the church staff confidence in my recommendation. We got everybody in a van and drove back and forth past the church comparing the 20-mm and 16-mm sign formats. We also demonstrated the software's flexibility.Thom McKeeChurch MemberFriendship Baptist Church
I believe that an onsite demo increases your chance for a sale by 50%. The customer sees the colors and gets excited. It’s also great to have someone from Daktronics there so two of us can answer any questions the customer might have.Daryl KirtsalesScenic Signs

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