Motor Sports

Leave your fans with a lasting impression of your raceway.

Along with displaying position, time and speed, add a video display or message center for sponsor promotion, animation and video capabilities. Daktronics marquee displays allow you, as a business, to connect with your community.

LED Motor Sports Scoreboards

Guarantee that your racing fans are not only entertained, but informed. Display times (to the thousandth of a second) and the speeds of the racers (km/h or mph). Ensure that fans and racers stay informed with times and placements.


Motor Sport Scoreboard

Marquee Displays / Message Displays

Control your own advertising medium with a marquee display.

Whether you own a world-class facility or a local race track, use this highly visible solution to connect with the community.

Use marquee displays at your race tracks to:

  • Promote upcoming races and events
  • Increase sponsorship opportunities
  • Raise the track’s profile among the community

Message Display

Video Displays

Daktronics strives to deliver a lasting solution for your track.

Expand your scoring capabilities and impress your fans with:


Video Display

Software and Controllers

All Sport Console

All Sport Timing System

Versatile console for displaying race information and controlling scoreboards.

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