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The Web-Sync service greatly reduces the effort needed to collect league statistics. Any group of teams using DakStats, such as conferences or state associations, can easily compile league leaders and game-by-game statistics. It takes just seconds to report the stats from DakStats and you can immediately view your stats on a website dedicated to your league.

How Does Web-Sync Work?

Once stats are entered in DakStats, you connect to the Internet and start the Web-Sync. Your roster, teams, and schedules are instantly synchronized and stats are uploaded. Opponent rosters are also available for quick download into DakStats to cut down on pre-game setup.

Web-Sync Statistics Website

Complete game-by-game statistics for each player are accessible via the Internet. The Web-Sync statistics site is designed to fit the needs of any organization and grow as your statistics needs change.



Instant Scores, Stats, and Standings

Provide coaches, media, recruiters, and fans with all the information they need to follow your teams.

Save Time and Effort

Cut down on pregame and post-game work by eliminating manual stats re-entry for reporting stats to the media or league offices.

Complete Career Stats

Archive stats from previous seasons and display career stat totals for individual players and entire teams.

Generate Ad Revenue

Create new sources of funding for your teams by displaying advertisements and sponsor logos on Web-Sync pages.
Improve Your Website
Add dynamic content to your school's athletics website by linking to the Web-Sync statistics pages.

Increase Athlete Exposure and Recognition

Fans can follow their favorite athletes throughout the season and give them the recognition they deserve.

Quick Start Guide

The Web-Sync Quick Start Guide is the best place to start if you are unfamiliar with the Web-Sync process.

Webcast to Web-Sync Quick Start Guide & Manual

The Webcast to Web-Sync Quick Start Guide explains how to set up the Webcast feature if you use the Web-Sync service.

The Web-Sync Operation Manual includes detailed program operation and setup instructions.

Stats Sheets

Statisticians can print and use these forms to speed up stats keeping and data entry when using box mode.

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