Clarity in Color

Clear & Concise, Real-Time Messaging for Transit Passengers

Travelers, commuters, and passengers appreciate information that is easy to spot by a glance. It's important to help them reach their desired destinations as efficiently as possible. To help, we offer a solution for you to impart direct messaging through full-color digital signage. Color increases comprehension and clearly communicates imperative information to reduce travel anxiety, minimize unpleasant experiences and enhance your image.

Built to Withstand the Elements

With a sturdy cabinet design, digital displays protect your messages from brake dust and other damaging elements, keeping messages clear and easy to read.

Clear Communication

Get your messages to resonate with viewers quicker with tight pixel pitch and combining full color graphics and text.



Designed Specifically for the Transportation Industry

  • Simple Wayfinding –Provide travelers with up to date information to get them from point A to point B.
  • Distinct Schedules – Display imperative travel information such as delays, cancellations or service disruptions.
  • Vivid Graphics – Communicate with text and symbols to easily convey direction, reduce congestions and aid bilingual customers.
  • Advisory Notifications – Deliver important messages like emergency alerts, threat level warnings, inclement weather alerts and safety information as quickly as possible.
  • Promotion Updates – Boost knowledge and revenue at the same time with promotional advertising.

The product is built to deliver clear messages to transit passengers, keeping them informed of promotions, schedule changes, safety warnings and more. Move passengers to their desired destinations as efficiently as possible.

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