Graphic File Standards for Scoreboard Artwork

Acceptable Media

All media should be formatted for PC computer use. E-mail attachment preferred (limited size of 10mb or less).

If e-mail is over 10mb

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)- Customers can upload to our site or we can download from their site. CD or DVD (When sending disks please label them with School or End User, Contact name and phone #.)


Convert all fonts to outlines before sending the files. If you do not convert it to outlines, the typeface may change when it is opened by our corporate office. Once a font is created to outlines it cannot be edited. You can create outlines by hitting the Type tab and Create to Outlines.


Indicate CMYK or PMS colors when possible. We will produce a layout for your approval with your specified color(s) on it. If there is no specified color we will print the color directly from your file with no corrections.

What is Vector Art?

The size of this type of artwork can be changed without losing any quality. Vector format artwork is based on mathematical equations using points, arcs, curves and lines. When these images are resized they remain clear, because the programs refigure the math as the image gets larger.

.jpg, .gif, .png or .bmp images tend to be poor quality and should only be used on internet web pages. These formats purposely destroy image quality in order to load faster on the internet. These types of images are small enough on a computer screen that they don’t look pixelated (see example below on the right). Usually these types of images have been originally created in a vector format and then rasterized and saved into one of these file types. There could be additional charges for us to clean up these files.

Avoiding Additional Costs

If you have an existing logo, mascot, or graphic design on a letterhead, business card, banner or clothing; an electronic file exists somewhere. Contact your local paper or print shop for the file.

We will not recreate a registered, trademarked, or service marked logo without written and signed permission from the owner of the logo.

Vector Art Examples 

Acceptable File Formats

.aiAdobe Illustrator®Latest
.epsAdobe Illustrator®Latest
.inddAdobe InDesign®Latest
.pdfAdobe Acrobat®Latest
.cdrCrel Draw®7 or earlier
.fsFlexiSign®8 or earlier

Note: Saving a raster file (ie .jpeg) in one of the above extensions does not make it correct. It has to be the original vector file.

Need Help Getting Correct Files?

Here are some helpful tips for getting the correct artwork:

  1. Do you have more than one school logo? Which one will you be using on your scoreboard?
  2. Have you send the Daktronics Mascot Book for options?
  3. Do you have someone in (IT or Graphics) in your school who understands these file type requirements and can help send the proper files?
  4. Did you have a marketing or advertising agency design your logo? They should have the file in the correct format for you.
  5. Is there a local printing company where you have had letterhead, business cards, or other stationery printed? They should also have the file in the correct format.
  6. Do you have sponsors lined up? Will they be able to provide the right types of files? Give them a call. Please feel free to pass this document on if needed.

Graphics Approval Layout for Daktronics

Please keep in mind panels are not business cards. Text that is less than 3 inches in height has a viewing distance of less than 100 feet. Below is an example how business card like panel design would look compared to a suggested panel design.

Star Ink Left

Background White
"S" in Star 3.7"
"a" in Star 2.8" h
"O" in Open 0.8" h
"F" in For 1.1" h
"o" in For 0.7" h
"1" in 100 1.2" h
"s" in street 0.7" h
"C" in Call 0.4" h
"o" in or 0.6" h
"w" in we 0.5" h
"P" in Printers is 0.5" h
"C" in Certified is 0.3" h
- Print colors from file



Star Ink Right

Background White
"S" in Star 6.2" h
"a" in Star 4.6" h
"F" in For 1.9" h
"o" in For 1.3" h
- Black
- Green (3425)

Letter Visibility Chart

Letter HeightMaximum Reading Distance
3 Inches
100 Feet
4 Inches150 Feet
6 Inches
200 Feet
8 Inches
350 Feet
9 Inches
400 Feet
10 Inches
450 Feet
12 Inches
525 Feet
15 Inches
630 Feet
18 Inches
750 Feet
24 Inches
1000 Feet
30 Inches
1250 Feet
36 Inches
1500 Feet
42 Inches
1750 Feet
48 Inches
2000 Feet
54 Inches
2250 Feet
60 Inches
2500 Feet

Note: These values are only accurate with Red or Black on White background. All other colors will lose long-distance readability at a rate dependant on their hues and values.