Climate Pledge Arena

Climate Pledge Arena re-opened in 2021 with one of the most unique and extensive integrated LED systems at a sports venue. A total of 224 LED displays are installed in and around the arena, more than any sports venue in the world! The arena features dual hanging displays, the first and only triangular-shaped main video displays in the US.


LED Displays


Square Feet of LED


Million Pixels

Daktronics is elevating our fan experience with the most LED displays ever installed at a sports venue. With all those pixels it is imperative we think of the guest journey from the minute they set foot on the Seattle Center Campus all the way to sitting in their seats at Climate Pledge Arena. Having a world-class sports entertainment facility under a historic roof allows us to find a happy fusion of tradition and technology.

- Jonny Greco, Seattle Kraken SVP, Entertainment Experience & Presentation


Creative Services Creates Immersive Experience

Daktronics Creative Services worked closely with the Seattle Kraken at the new Climate Pledge Arena to create an immersive digital underwater environment featuring ocean life from the Pacific Northwest. In this video, Jonny Greco, SVP of Entertainment Experience & Presentation, shares more details on how the project was imagined and brought to life.

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