When your school works with Daktronics, you get so much more than a scoreboard. We drew on our history in the sports world to develop this Playbook for Success to provide you with a winning strategy beyond the display.

Your Playbook for Success

You don't need the budget, staff, or expertise of the professionals – you just need Daktronics. We have a playbook that helps you along your entire journey, from raising money for a high-end scoring system to putting on a professional-level show.

The Board is Just the Beginning...

build revenue with daktronics sports marketing

educational opportunities with dakclassroom

create content with framewrx by Daktronics

Build Revenue

Daktronics Sports Marketing

A Daktronics video board can pay for itself. Daktronics Sports Marketing (DSM) is a complimentary service that provides schools the tools they need to secure the right sponsors to provide revenue for years to come.

Start Earning with DSM

Educational Opportunities


The excitement of a video board is incredible, but at Daktronics, we are just as excited about the unparalleled opportunities an LED video display can provide for your students. With DakClassroom, your school can offer students knowledge and hands-on experience, and even the chance to put their skills to work beyond high school.

Set Your Students up for Success

Create Content


No matter how incredible your LED video display technology is, it only looks as good as the content you display. That’s why we offer FrameWrx by Daktronics, providing you with content created by a team of professionals specifically for video displays.

Customize every scene with school colors and mascots, player highlights and sponsor logos. You can even adapt your content for social media.

Design Professional Content

Equipment You Can Rely On

Lab Services

You need equipment you can count on every single day. Daktronics takes quality, integrity and reliability very seriously. We even have our own in-house testing facility, where we push components to failure to address every issue before they go out the door.

Explore Our Lab Services