​Out of Home Advertising Services

With you every step of the way.

At Daktronics, we believe you deserve nothing short of the best. When it comes to providing services, we don’t take a "one-size-fits-all" approach. From installation to 24/7 display monitoring, we customize your service package to match your business needs, making the digital conversion simple.

 Permitting Made Easy

As the only display manufacturer in the industry with a dedicated sign legislation team, Daktronics guides you through the process of obtaining permits. We provide sign code issue advice, assist with drafting language and tracking code situations and advise recommendations for permit requests based on code language.

Your Personal Project Manager

There are a few things you need to know before installing your new display, so we provide you with a dedicated project manager to guide you.


Your project manager:

  • Works with shipping, ensuring on-time delivery
  • Coordinates with electrical contractors for power installation
  • Provides your display with an Internet connection
  • Contacts local structural companies for inspections

 Financing Your Way

We partner with financing companies to offer you an opportunity unprecedented in the industry: to use and own a premium LED digital display by making affordable monthly payments. Check out the different

One Dollar Buyout

Own the sign for $1 after term payments completed.

Municipal Lease Purchase

A solution for city, state and county entities.

First Amendment Lease

Lower monthly payments with an early buyout option.

 System Health

Digital Billboard

With our System Health diagnostics program, you can see exactly
how healthy your LED displays are. System Health provides
diagnostic information about every part of your display hardware,
from the modules to the computers.

No matter what scheduling software you use, System Health provides
diagnostics in one convenient, user-friendly platform called Venus®
Control Suite. With this annual subscription, you can select from three
levels to choose the right package for your business.

Download the System Health Document


 Exclusive Calibration Methods

Watch the Field Calibration video to get up to speed or read the white paper for more details.

Watch the video Read the White Paper

 Out of Home Advertising Support

Daktronics offers a wide range of maintenance and warranty options, customizing service packages based on your needs. With our extensive network of trained technicians, you always receive the fastest and most reliable service possible.

 Ad Sales 

Let our team of ad sales experts help you meet your business goals. We believe that a digital billboard
should be 50%-100% sold out prior to even installing. Get a one-on-one webinar with our team to hone in
on the strategy that's best for you. Learn about industry trends, creative content ideas, sales strategies, ad
grid options, the benefits of digital for advertisers and more.

Start Your Personal Consultation and Request Pricing

Need pricing? Wondering which product is best for your location? What permits are required? How do you set up a profitable sales model? Let our experts guide you free of charge.