Jody Kress

Vice President – Project Realization

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As Vice President for Project Realization, Jody Kress is responsible for the teams that design and manage Daktronics audiovisual projects in North America. These projects often include the AV system along with supporting infrastructure required to provide a total solution. The project realization teams include engineers, project managers, coordinators and others that help our customers realize their vision.

Jody brings a well-rounded perspective to his position, having worked in many different departments and in the field with customers. Before his current role, he was a project manager for large-profile projects, supervisor for a team of project managers and manager for project design teams. Early in his career, he gained experience working in customer service as an installation supervisor and help desk technician.

As a student, Jody worked in manufacturing, customer service and the repair center. After college, he worked in the Twin Cities as a project engineer for Johnson Controls, an HVAC designer for commercial buildings, before returning to Daktronics in 1999.

Outside Daktronics, Jody serves on the Board of Directors for the Brookings Country Club, where they are planning for the build of a new clubhouse. He was on the Board of Directors for the high school booster club for many years, serving three years as president.

He enjoys golfing, fishing and hunting. He also travels with his wife, especially enjoying his trips to visit his two grown children.

Jody earned his BS in electronics engineering technology at South Dakota State University.