Brad Wiemann

Executive Vice President

Brad Wiemann is Executive Vice President at Daktronics, where he oversees the success of several business units:  Out of Home, which specializes in monetizing dynamic digital advertising in public spaces, On Premise, providing digital signs that heighten a digital experience for businesses on site, and High Schools & Parks and Recreation, which focuses on video, scoreboards, campus communications, and civic sports and rec centers. Brad collaborates with the leadership team to develop strategies that serve all stakeholders, implement those strategies, and measure performance.

While Brad has an engineering background, he enjoys business development, employee engagement, channel partner development, and working with customers. He values helping people excel by discovering their strengths and engaging them in the opportunities for their greatest success.

Brad started working at Daktronics in manufacturing and service during his university years. After earning his degree, he worked for Rockwell International in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he developed flight control simulators.

He returned to Daktronics in 1993 during a major growth period. As a leader in our product development divisions, he led development for indoor products, specifically for airports and mass transit systems. His role then evolved into market and business development in the commercial, financial, and outdoor billboard sectors.

Brad also played a key role in standardizing products to simplify engineering and manufacturing for outdoor products, such as billboards and message centers, as well as developing sales and service channels. Brad served as Vice President of Commercial and Transportation for eight years before moving into his current role in 2012.

Brad’s philosophy of servant leadership is evident in his work and personal life. Active in Catholic ministry at hospitals and prisons with his wife Shelly, Brad also works with several charities that help people in need. Brad has served on the board of Advance, an organization that supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as several nonprofit organizations.

Brad enjoys time with his family doing a variety of outdoor activities - sailing, fishing, walking, gardening, biking, snowmobiling, and riding his motorcycle. Brad and Shelly enjoy family activities, including traveling with them.

Brad graduated from South Dakota State University with a BS in electrical engineering. He earned his master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering, with an emphasis in biomedical engineering from the University of Iowa.