Venus 1500: Modifying Text

There are many ways to emphasize text in a presentation including font color, style, size, and justification. This tutorial will take you through the steps of formatting your text.

Video Transcript

There are many modifications you can do to the text contained in your presentation. This video highlights some of the changes that can be made, but does not cover all available options. One of the first things you will want to do is place your text where you want it on your layout. If you are modifying text that was simply entered onto the layout, highlight the text and use the Justification buttons to position the text. If working with a text box, simply click the text box and drag it to the desired position. Using the Justification buttons in the text box will only justify the text within the text box, and not in relation to the entire layout.

Changing a color or shading of your text can help create contrast so viewers can easily read your messages. To change the color of your text, click on the Home tab at the top of the screen, highlight the desired text or select the text box, then click the Font Color drop-down arrow. If you have a full-color display, you will see several colors available. But you can click on More Colors to choose from a larger color palette, or even enter the RGB value of a specific color. For monochrome displays or displays that only have one color of LED, you should see several different shades that you can choose from.Using different shades can also give you the contrast necessary for highly visible messages.

A final font editing option you may choose to use is changing the font size and/or style. This is also done from the Home tab in Content Studio. Let’s first look at Font Styles. The drop-down list of Font Styles has two different types of fonts: True Type Fonts and Venus Fonts. True Type Fonts are Windows-based fonts that you may see in any Microsoft Office program. These fonts can be adjusted incrementally using the up and down arrow buttons. Venus Fonts are fonts that were created specifically for Venus 1500 software and Daktronics displays. Venus Fonts have thick sizes associated with them and can be identified by the number next to the font name. When making font size or style changes, remember that your text must fit within the boundaries of the outer yellow border. Otherwise, it will not show on your display.

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