Venus 1500: Adding Text to a Layout

Text can be typed directly onto each layout or you can insert a text box that can easily be moved around.

Video Transcript

In this presentation, we will look at two different ways to add text to a presentation in Venus 1500 Version 4. The first and easiest way to add text is to simply double-click in the black area of your layout. You will then see the cursor blinking and you can now type your text. Remember that your message must fit within in the yellow borders that represent the size of your display. Depending on the length of your message, you may need to break it into several smaller chunks and add additional layouts.

The second way to add text is by using a text box. Adding a text box allows you to add text over top of a graphic or video, as well as giving you the flexibility to move the text anywhere on the layout. You can add a text box from either the Home tab or the Insert tab. From the Home tab, simply click on Text Box from the Quick Insert area. From the Insert tab, click on Text Box in the Text area. After clicking Text Box, move your cursor to the layout, left click, and drag to size the text box. You can modify the sizing later if need be. Once you release the mouse button, you will see the text box highlighted in yellow with a blinking cursor. Now, simply type your desired text. Once you have entered your text, click the mouse pointer outside of the text box area. This will change the box highlight to a green border. You can now resize if necessary, as well as move the box anywhere on your layout.

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