Aquatics Scoreboard​s

Whether you are making your initial purchase, or adding onto an existing system, we have what you need.

Daktronics develops its products to have superior reliability, the features and functions that you expect, and the compatibility that you desire. Using basic models as building blocks, the number of possibilities seem endless. To start with, ask yourself:

  • In swimming — how many lines of times do I want to see on the scoreboard? Do I want all the lanes to show up at one time, or page the results?
  • How will I use the scoreboard — for swimming, diving, water polo, synchronized swimming, workouts/practices?
  • How much space do I have to mount the scoreboard?
  • What is the viewing distance for the scoreboard?
  • Do I want additional lines of information such as: Team Scores, Event/Heat, or Record Times?
  • Will there be identification and ad panels, or any other additions to personalize the scoreboard?

Aquatics Products

Fixed-digit Scoreboards

Numeric scoreboards are available in multisport, swimming only, water polo and auxiliary modes. Our products are environment appropriate, with a silicon coating to prevent moisture from corroding the LEDs.

Aquatics Scoreboards

LED Video Boards

Take your facility to the next level with full-color video to show animations, live video, team stats, player headshots and school announcements while maximizing sponsor revenue through advertising. Our video boards are adaptable to any venue, both indoors and out.

Video Boards

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