​Invest in an LED Sign with Help from Sinclair

Sinclair partnered with Daktronics to put together incentives for you to enjoy all the advantages of cutting-edge LED technology. Find out more about the exciting programs below by contacting your wholesale representative.


Gas price digit displays

LED digit displays are now a standard part of a Sinclair facility's image package. Take advantage of Sinclair's financial incentives to upgrade and enjoy the high visibility and ease-of-use digit displays provide.

  • Update fuel prices quickly and easily
  • Attract customers with high-visibility displays
  • Upgrade your facility with cutting-edge LED technology
  • Retrofit existing structures easily
  • Change prices safely— no more ladders and a pole

Electronic message centers

Get patrons inside your facility by promoting local specials and running corporate messages on an EMC. With a subsidy from Sinclair, you can experience the increased business a digital display generates.

Electronic Message Center  
  • Promote inventory to increase store traffic
  • Advertise specials and sales
  • Generate impulse buying
  • Run holiday and community messages



Convenience For Your Customers. Convenience For You.1:34Convenience For Your Customers. Convenience For You.You have one moment to win the glance, to make a connection and to influence buying. Advertise specials to catch buyers’ eyes and bring them from the pump into the store. Even encourage them to pick up something extra before they leave.GP0|#a20dcada-4f30-4520-8d73-430e04f43b6a;L0|#0a20dcada-4f30-4520-8d73-430e04f43b6a|Conceptual;GTSet|#b00afce0-dd3c-4a67-bb20-dab50a3dc30b
Sinclair Cowboy Store1:10Sinclair Cowboy StoreLED message displays enable convenience stores to create a buzz of interest in potential savings by advertising products and discounted prices.GP0|#deba4475-bde5-4e23-b7ac-77516fa320be;L0|#0deba4475-bde5-4e23-b7ac-77516fa320be|Installed Products;GTSet|#b00afce0-dd3c-4a67-bb20-dab50a3dc30b
Holiday Stationstore1:07Holiday StationstoreCandy bars, sodas, or snack foods at discounted prices capture attention when featured on an LED display with colorful text and bright, high-resolution images.GP0|#deba4475-bde5-4e23-b7ac-77516fa320be;L0|#0deba4475-bde5-4e23-b7ac-77516fa320be|Installed Products;GTSet|#b00afce0-dd3c-4a67-bb20-dab50a3dc30b

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Petroleum Content 

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