US Polo Scoring Systems

Polo is an exhilarating sport. But it's possible to amp up that exhilaration with the right scoring system. From simple scoring with easy mobile control to the video system of your dreams, we provide extra options such as ad panels, truss work and control options.

Find the Right Scoring System for You

MS-2002 Scoreboard

The MS-2002 offers traditional scoring with a mobile control option. Our Dak Score app allows you to score from any seat in the house.

Polo Scoreboard

Video with Scoreboard

Showcase players and sponsors

Standard scoreboard templates allow you to showcase players, animations or sponsor messages while keeping the score visible at all times.

Promote your club

Advertise the club's gift shop items and upcoming events. Create an environment your guests wants to come back to again and again.

Polo Video and Scoreboard

Completely Video

Up close and personal

With a video board, all seats are best seats. Deliver greater intensity with close-up shots of the athleticism and skill of ponies and riders.

Highlight your fans

Run live footage of the Divot Stomp on your new video board. Display your fans dressed in their garden party chic.

Polo Video Display

Discounted Club Pricing

We're offering you a discounted club price on any system that will further enrich your games and fan experience. Fill out the form below to get a custom rendering and special club pricing.

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