High School Video Summit 2022

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Expanding Your Video System Experiences

Learn from both industry experts and your peers to see how you can take their ideas and make them your own.

Help cultivate an environment everyone wants to be a part of with insights about:

Student Careers
The experience students get running your display can lead to a promising career in event production fields. Hear from other attendees and employed Event Producers to see what opportunities are available for your students after graduation. Learn how you can help build those skills in the classroom.

Fan Engagement
Game days trends are constantly evolving. We arm you with skills and resources to keep your fans coming back for more, even if they may not physically be attending your events.

Visionary Values
Understanding how to expand on game day and alumni communication to advance your production, helps your school to stand out from the rest. Brainstorm new ways to further your event production and digital communication into the future.

Video Summit Session Details

June 21-22, 2022

Daktronics Headquarters in Brookings, SD or Attend Virtually

Look forward to sessions focusing on a mixture of peer and industry-expert presentations. We will discuss:


New features and best practices with Show Control

System and application advancement opportunities

Student development and career experiences

Exploring fan engagement and revenue generation prospects

Learning from peers what they find works well in their venue productions

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This event was created for those working directly with game-day production and hands on with the Daktronics equipment. Cost is $50 per attendee (attendees are also responsible for any travel related costs). Sessions max out at 100 participants.

*Recordings available for sessions unable to attend.

Suggestions for the event? Email us at hsprvideosystems@daktronics.com