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Daktronics Next Generation of LCD Technology

Daktronics new LS-1000 is an LCD designed and built specifically for transit applications with an outdoor rated cabinet for use in locations with limited solar gain. These displays are ideal for communicating real-time passenger information, public service announcements, service disruption messaging, and more. This LCD is also an excellent medium for agency branding and promotion.

Meets ADA Requirements

VESA Mounting Systems

IP65/NEMA 4X Cabinet

Simple to Maintain & Service

Control Systems

Data Vision Software

The high resolution HD screen features easy integration with Daktronics Data Vision Software or third-party software.

Data Vision Software provides multi-display control, primarily for real-time mass transit applications. DVS can be independently used or set up on a server. From message scheduling to the full media library, multi-language display to the web-based graphical user interface, DVS simplifies and reduces operator interaction.

Product Specifications

Model NumberApprox. Cabinet Dimensions
WeightMax Power
OrientationAspect RatioResolution
LS-1000-II-32-16:921.72" x 35.22" x 3.94"
(552 mm x 895 mm x 100 mm)
85 lbs
(38.5 kg)
180 WLandscape16:91920x1080
LS-1000-II-32-9:1635.22" x 21.72" x 3.94"
(895 mm x 552 mm x 100 mm)
85 lbs
(38.5 kg)
180 WPortrait9:161080x1920
LS-1000-II-43-16:927.11" x 44.81" x 3.94"
(689 mm x 1138 mm x 100 mm)
122 lbs
(55 kg)
190 WLandscape16:91920x1080
LS-1000-II-43-9:1644.81" x 27.11" x 3.94"
(1138 mm x 689 mm x 100 mm)
122 lbs
(55 kg)
190 WPortrait9:161080x1920
LS-1000-II-55-16:933" x 55.27" x 3.94"
(838 mm x 1404 mm x 100 mm)
165 lbs
(75 kg)
250 WLandscape16:91920x1080
LS-1000-II-55-9:1655.27" x 33" x 3.94"
(1404 mm x 838 mm x 100 mm)
165 lbs
(75 kg)
250 WPortrait9:161080x1920
LS-1000-II-65-16:938.69" x 64.46" x 3.94"
(983 mm x 1637 mm x 100 mm)
220 lbs
(100 kg)
520 WLandscape16:91920x1080
LS-1000-II-65-9:1664.46" x 38.69" x 3.94"
(1637 mm x 983 mm x 100 mm)
220 lbs
(100 kg)
520 WPortrait9:161080x1920

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