How to do a pre-event check for professional baseball control system?


  • How to do a pre-event check for professional baseball control system?


  • Product Family: Software and Controllers, Sport Software and Interfaces
  • Product: Show Control, DSTI, DCGI
  • Components: Sports Wire 4000, GameDay Graphics Generator, Scorebook Generator, StatVision
  • Control System: MLB and MiLB​​ systems


Power on your Control Room

There is a video tutorial and directions listed here: What is the proper rack start up procedure?

Verify each computer is turned on and there are no alerts that need to be addressed. Most control system work stations are connected via KVM.

  1. From any workstation navigate to another computer by pressing scroll lock twice.
  2. This will open a window displaying a list of computers to navigate to.
  3. Select the computer you wish to use (V7Fascia-P, V7Fascia-B, V7Main-P, V7Main-B, DSTI-P, DM8Main-P, etc.)
  4. Press Enter or Connect.

Listen to make sure there are no unusual beeping or excessive noises coming from the computers.

Verify Primary/Backup Systems Operational


How to switch from your primary to backup system

Prepare Control Systems

Show Control

1.   Verify the green status light in Display Studio

If you see a red light, this should be investigated prior to your event.  Here is a video tutorial that will give possible solutions:


2.   Load any new content for your game.

3.   Test out any new content or buttons before the doors open.

4.   Edit inning break loops

5.   Start playing pregame content 30 minutes prior to doors open.

DCGI-P (if applicable)

Verify the DCGI program is open and running.

Verify your Statistics and Data Feeds


Download pregame stats via GameDay

  1. Open GameDay Baseball
  2. Start Download
  3. When download has finished, close program. For more details, see: MLB GameDay Quick Start Guide.
  4. Once the download is complete, open DakStats. Today's game(s) will already be created.
  5. Open the play-by-play game.
  6. Enter the starting lineup for the home and guest teams in DakStats Baseball.

In the DSTI application

  1. DSTI should open automatically when the game is opened. Verify the correct competition is opened and that the correct stats are being displayed
  2. Verify DSTI is receiving and transmitting data by monitoring the ports


Verify clock signal is being sent to desired devices (Truck Dock-ESPN/FOX Box, time stamp to stats program)

Test D.O.G./shot clock, E.O.P. lights, locker room clocks


Out-of-Town scores via Sports Wire 4000

Download (This should happen automatically but if not follow directions below)

  1. From SWI-P computer – Open Sports wire
  2. On the drivers tab select Driver Configurations
  3. Select Get Today's Data

Note: If everything is working properly, the green indicator beside the port number on the outputs tab will flash when data is sent. For example, if the hold time is set to "10", it will flash every 10 seconds. The indicator will turn red when the port is disabled/closed.

SWIK ports.png 

See: Sports Wire 4000 for Quick Start Guide for more details.

Spray Charts via GameDay Graphics Generator (if applicable)
  1.  Open the application via shortcut on desktop
  2.  Make sure GameDay Graphics Generator program is up and running.
Scorecard creation via Scorebook (if applicable)
  1. Open the application via shortcut on desktop
  2. This generates the scorecards for the main video board.
Situational stats and league leaders/standings via StatVision (if applicable)

See: StatVision for Baseball Software Quick Start Guide (ED-17884) for more details.

Test your All Sport Console

See: How to check your All Sport before season or game?

Changes for a new home series (if applicable)

Update Show Control
  1. Change out visiting team backgrounds and logos
  2. Make sure visiting team pitcher headshots are in place.
  3. The messages should be already created in Content Studio.  The new images will need to be moved into the appropriate folders to display properly. 

For more details on updating Media RTD, see:

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