Houses of Worship: Five Tips for Affording Digital Signs

Digital signage too pricy? Here’s what you can do to raise money for an LED display.


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One of the biggest roadblocks when investing in a digital sign for small, local churches is funding. If you are in this situation – do not fret. Churches have many options to help them accumulate funds for a digital sign.

  • Fundraise

An easy way to raise money is hosting fun events that your members will want to attend. Simply add on a small entrance fee, and funds from these events will add up quickly.

Bake sales, free-will donation dinners and movie nights are quick, simple events that you can schedule weekly or monthly. This will ensure you are receiving a steady stream of money from this aspect of your financing.

Larger events like concerts and 5k’s can be annual, as they usually generate a large sum of money at once, making it easier to put an adequate amount toward your LED sign.

  • Donations

As a church, chances are you frequently receive donations from your community. This would be a good pool of money to take from when investing in a digital sign.

You could also do a second or separate offering specifically for your sign. Afterall, people may be more likely to donate if they know what their money is being used for.

  • Rent out your facility

Renting out your facility accumulates money with you hardly lifting a finger. If you have a gym, you can rent it to sports teams for practice, or you can host open gyms to the public.

If you have a nice basement or lounge room, you can rent it to people for wedding and baby showers, book clubs, or any other gatherings.

Doing so could also double as a way to bring new people into your congregation, since they will familiarize themselves with your space and people in the church.

  • Reallocate advertising funds

With an LED sign outside your church, advertising is simple and free. Everyone who drives by will see your message, so ads in newspapers and on the radio are no longer necessary.

You can take the funds you usually use for ads and save them for investing in a digital sign.

  • Take advantage of leasing

If you would like to break your bill into monthly payments, try leasing.

Splitting up your payment gives you more time to raise funds. Setting the goal of raising the full price for one payment can be intimidating and seem impossible. Smaller, monthly goals may be much more tangible for your church.

Interested in purchasing a digital sign?

Gather the whole church board to discuss if an LED display is the right option for you, and consider scheduling a free demo to see a digital sign on your property.

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