How to use the timeline in Content Studio


  • How do I enable the Content Studio timeline?

  • How to I create content with the Content Studio's timeline?


  • Product Family: Software and Controllers
  • Product: Content Studio
  • Components: timeline
  • Control System: Venus Control Suite, Venus 1500 V4, Show Control
Content Studio has a timeline that can be used to animate layouts and elements properties in time.


Step 1: Enable the Timeline plugin. 

Step 2: View elements on the timeline

Add elements: (See links below for examples.)

Elements will populate as you add  to the presentation. 

  • In the timeline tab at the bottom, a new element has been added. This red element below represents the image that's been placed on the canvas.
  • The grey bar labeled Layout represents the entire length of the layout. This example has a layout length of 10 seconds.insert image.png
  • As  elements are added, they will populate on the timeline. All elements can be individually edited using the timeline application, or by selecting them on the canvas in Content Studio. 
    multiple elements.png

    For an explanation of the colors used on the timeline, see: What can be seen from the Timeline view in Content Studio

Step 3: Edit the Timeline Elements



Timings and transitions are the most common editing tools that are used on the timeline. There are also several functions that can aid in visibility when editing.

Changing the timing of elements 

Elements within a layout can be controlled so that certain items display at certain times.

 editing elements.png

    1. Hover over the end cap of the highlighted element bar until a double arrowed icon appears.
    2. Once this happens, click and drag the element to the specified time using the timing chart at the top of the timeline. Elements within a layout can be equal to or have less hold time than the total layout time.
    3. Also, if a certain element is at a shorter time than the presentation as a whole, the element can be moved so that it enters and exits the layout at a specified time.
      Note: A good rule is to hold text and graphic elements for 4-8 seconds.
    4.   To select multiple element lines from a timeline, hold down the Ctrl key on the key board, and click on the elements you wish to multi-select. The element line will brighten to indicate it is selected. 
      For more, see: How do I adjust the hold time or duration of layouts in Content Studio?

Edit the Element Transitions

    1. Highlight the element that you wish to transition. Click on the Effects tabs. Select from one of the Element Effects. A green bar will populate in front of the element on the Timeline. This represents the time it will take to fully transition the element in.

element effects.png

It is best to keep the transitions consistent for multiple elements, and it is advised to keep the transitions less than 1 second.
For more, see: How do I add transitions to a layout in Content Studio


Step 4: Utilize Layout Storyboard Functions

  • The timeline applications allow for two functions that aid in editing.
  • The eye function on the inside left of the element is a feature that indicates an element is visible while editing in Content Studio. When the eye is closed, it is not visible while editing. This can be helpful when working with overlaying layers in a presentation. Clicking on the eye icon closes and opens visibility only within Content Studio; the element will still be visible when played to the display, whether the eye icon is closed or open.
  • The lock feature helps the user keep items in place as they edit. The outside left has the ability to lock the element in place. It will not move on the display or in the timeline. Clicking on the lock icon will lock and release elements
    hide lock features.png 

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