Rodeo Timing Systems

Built to go the whole eight seconds, Daktronics timing scoreboards feature ultra-bright PanaView® LED digits, split-second timing capabilities and a rugged, dust-proof cabinet. Ideal for large to mid-sized arenas, stadiums, fairgrounds and expo centers.

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DakStats® Rodeo Software

Product Overview

The DakStats® Rodeo Results software allows the operator to maximize the capabilities of the OmniSport® 2000 or All Sport® 5100 timing console for rodeo with all the benefits of Microsoft® Windows® on a PC or laptop. Fast-paced events are easy to manage using a keyboard and mouse, and the dynamic graphics keep the operator completely informed of the action.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP operating system or better (Windows 7/8 – both 32 & 64 bit operating systems are supported)
  • CPU and RAM must at least be equal to minimum requirements of operating system
  • Internet Explorer® 6.0 or higher
  • Additional serial ports or networking may be needed based on interface requirements

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