Corporate Campuses

With the competitive marketplace for both talent and products/services, it’s critical you make memorable first impressions. Show that your company is committed to innovation as soon as clients and colleagues walk through your door. Single canvas, non-bezel video walls differentiate corporate headquarter spaces and provide positive, unique experiences that can't be replicated. Strategically placed at entrances, inside lobbies, or throughout your corporate campus in meeting or training rooms, creatively designed video walls capture audience attention in so many ways.

Design a Venue

We offer many indoor and outdoor applications to give your facility a high-quality, unified messaging system. Click the orange buttons to explore our solutions!

Auditorium Displays

Many corporate spaces have auditoriums where they hold larger meetings and trainings or periodically host speakers. With a large LED video screen as a backdrop, presenters have a full seamless digital canvas to enhance their presentations or videos, free from bezels, with no distracting color inaccuracies and maintenance with less disruption.

Sales Office Displays

Taking potential customers offsite can break up the flow of your pitch, so corporate offices are creating a dynamic sales office space using LED displays to reinforce their message and paint a picture for potential clients. With direct-view LED, you can easily steam camera feeds showing progress at remote sites, use displays as a dynamic backdrop for receptions and create a WOW experience with vivid imagery.

Lobby and Welcome Displays

Digital welcome walls create a place to tell the stories behind your company's mission, goals and legacy using digital technology. Many are used to spotlight customer success stories and your employees. Some even incorporate wayfinding elements as well as interactivity such as cameras to make visitors and colleagues part of your company's story. Creatively designed and interactive lobby and welcome desk displays can become digital art installations that truly engage your visitors and employees while also bringing awareness to your mission, news, charities and more.

Security Room Displays

Corporate spaces use surveillance cameras to monitor activity in the public part of their facilities. The control room or security center provides a dedicated space where security personnel monitor a common operating picture (COP). It’s important the whole team can monitor multiple streams of information such as real-time video, graphics and information feeds. A growing trend is for security rooms is to add a digital video wall to the front of the security center which provides one big picture of many video sources.

Conference Room Displays

Work today is a primarily digital experience. It’s important to harness technology in a way that empowers your employees to do their best work. Direct-view LED display technology shows content with accurate colors and crisp clarity—and you can keep the lights on.

Wayfinding Displays

A corporate campus can be large and sometimes intimidating for visitors and new employees. Help welcome them and ensure they get exactly where they need to go with interactive touchscreen maps and other various forms of digital signage. In addition, touch-free voice activation technology can also allow them to ask your digital signage for directions to where they need to go.

Technology Comparison

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