Video Production: Classroom vs Extracurriculars

Whether the classroom setting or an extracurricular group is right for your students, event production allows students to develop skills and experience they need to be successful in a career.


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Students can grow their event production skills both inside and outside the classroom. Some schools find that a for-credit course during school hours is the best way to teach their students about event production. Others find success in giving their students more freedom to learn after school hours.

It all depends on what is right for you – let’s weigh your options.

Classroom Learning

Event production classes have a solid structure. The Daktronics Curriculum outlines every step of learning event production and offers activities, quizzes, and tests to supplement the chapters.

Having strict deadlines for learning material ensures that all students grow and learn the same techniques together.

One of your teachers can easily take on the role of leading the group. Whether it’s a teacher for digital arts, technology, marketing, or another related subject, anyone could take on a course guided by the Daktronics Curriculum. 

A tech integration teacher at Centennial High School in Utica, Nebraska, Jessica Breitkreutz explains, “We’re doing ads for (our sponsors), and the kids ask the questions. We’re talking about branding, we’re talking about graphics, we’re talking about advertising.”

An event production class is the perfect opportunity for students to have fun while honing skills they could use in the field, whether it is in a high school or career and technical education (CTE) course.

It doesn’t even feel like a class, it just feels like something fun you’re doing at school to help promote everything going on around you.Carson, student at Centennial High School

Extracurricular Learning

Though an extracurricular group running your event production lacks the structure of classroom learning, the flexibility opens the door for your students to use the board in new ways.

The adaptable structure allows students to be involved year after year without having to repeat a basics course. This means students can learn new skills and improve their production throughout their whole high school careers.

Beyond event production for sporting events, an extracurricular group could host movie nights, hold an e-sports tournament, or produce and air school news. The sky is the limit.

I’d like to make a newscast out of this whole media club that will eventually lead to a production every week across the district.Kyle Ley, student at Platte Valley High School

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