Video Board Boosts Appearance, Education and Funding

When looking for new scoring equipment, it’s important to consider many factors that benefit your school. More than just appearance, but education opportunities and sponsor revenue.


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Perrysburg High School is in a rapidly growing district in northwest Ohio. With about 1650 students, over 700 of which are athletes, the low-to-the-ground, old scoreboard greatly needed an update.

Perrysburg’s previous scoreboard

“You couldn’t even see the bottom signs when the band was in the end zone,” Chuck Jaco, Athletic Director for PHS, said. “At first, I just wanted to raise the board up, but once I priced that out, I decided we may just want to get a new one.”

Jaco had seen a Daktronics video display at a school in Columbus that he liked. He did not want to match the prestige of that board, but surpass it.

“I wanted to get the highest, biggest video scoreboard in Ohio, so the next size up would be at a college,” Jaco said.

18’ x 32’5” and 30 feet in the air, it is safe to say that PHS succeeded. But, they did not want to stop at just looking like they are the best.

PHS’s vision for their student organizations

“Our school priorities are academics and individual student growth. That’s our number one priority, to make sure our students are reaching their fullest potential,” Jaco said. “We want each kid to find a niche.”

The new Daktronics video board allows PHS to do exactly that. They see the display as an opportunity to teach students to use the software. With three students currently working with graphics, that number is expected to grow exponentially with a new club they will be creating.

Now that the football team has played their last home game, PHS hopes to use the offseason to find a club advisor and begin training with the software and iPads to control the video display.

“We want to run highlights and entertain fans during downtime, just like at college games. We’re looking at a curriculum (for that),” Jaco said, explaining the aspirations for the club.

Doing business with a trusted company

A Daktronics sales rep, customer service, and tech support helped PHS through every step of the planning and installation process, alleviating a lot of stress.

“When you’re making this type of investment, reputation is important. We know Daktronics has a quality product, and their customer service is great,” Jaco said. “We could have gone cheaper, but it’s not worth it.”

Installing a Daktronics video board has helped Perrysburg High School stand out among the other schools in the area – visually and educationally.

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